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Manganese sulfate monohydrate drying equipment_Feed-grade manganese sulphate's drying machine_Manga

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Apply of Manganese sulphate
The Chemical formula is MnSO4·H2O,Due to its containing manganese can promote crop growth, increase yield; feed grade manganese sulfate can promote the development of animal bones and certain fattening effect. In addition, there is a very wide range of industries, such as paint, paper, ceramics, printing and dyeing, ore.
Selection of manganese sulfate monohydrate pneumatic drying equipment
At present it is mainly as manganese sulfate powder in trade of industry and agriculture,The water content and the powder particle size have strict requirements. In the process of producing manganese sulfate, the dry section is the key part to determine the quality of powder manganese sulfate. So, the sulfuric acid drying equipment, how to choose? Our experimental team after a period of time to collate, summarize the current domestic and foreign common drying process.
The mainly process had experienced evaporation, cooling, crushing and sieving,at last get the finished production.The method of labor intensity is high, and the operation environment is polluted seriously. With the spray drying process, many companies use spray drying method to dry. Spray dryer can be directly obtained powder powder, do not need to follow the steps of crushing, sieving, etc.. However, because of the low heat transfer coefficient of spray drying equipment, low drying strength, large equipment size, there is a sticky wall, which limits the development of the equipment. At present, the main use of air flow dryer as well as inert particle fluidized bed dryer.
Manganese sulfate monohydrate pneumatic drying equipment
Pulse air drying equipment is one of the main products of our company, with the straight tube type air drying equipment is different, the pulse air dryer uses the size of the two kinds of air flow tube alternately connected, so that the speed of the material moving in a square wave of changes, thereby enhancing the heat and mass transfer rate. The air drying equipment for a water - manganese sulfate drying is shown as follows:
Manganese sulfate monohydrate pneumatic drying equipment
Pictured above is about manganese sulfate monohydrate pneumatic drying equipment.This equipment is designed by us,The initial moisture content is 12%, the final moisture content is 1%, the output is 625kg/h (manganese sulfate dry powder). The inlet temperature is 250℃ and the air temperature is 95℃. After calculation, the unit time of dry material about 0.0209kg/s, water evaporation of 0.195kg/s. The diameter of the dry head is 201.7mm, the diameter of the tube is 342.89mm, the total length of the drying tube is 22580.This size is internal data in our company,so it need to add in actual operation.
Feed-grade manganese sulphate's inert particle fluidized drying machine
Different from the traditional fluidized bed dryer, inert particle fluidized bed dryer will be pre loaded with inert particles before drying. The effect of the hot air, the inert particles will be boiling on the bed. When the sulfate wet material to be dried, the material is directly encapsulated in the inert particles. Wet material in the convection, radiation, conduction of the role of continuous evaporation of water, the last due to the impact of inert particles and friction, the dry powder from the surface of the inert particles, the hot air to the discharge port. The device structure is shown below:
Structure diagram of feed-grade manganese sulphate's inert particle fluidized drying machine
The above about structure diagram of feed-grade manganese sulphate's inert particle fluidized drying machine.Among 1-Vortex pump;2-Pitot tube;3-Creeping pump;4-Electric heating device;5-Differential pressure gauge;6-Inert particle fluidized dryers;7-Bag filter;8-Tank;9-Cyclone separator;
It had high heat transfer coefficient,evaporation intensity can be 100kg/m3·h.With simple equipment, easy maintenance, etc.. Inert particle fluidized bed drying equipment has not told the transmission components, equipment investment and operation cost is lower.In the industry of Magnesium sulphate dryers can be used.
Manganese sulfate monohydrate pneumatic drying equipment
We have carried on the thorough research in the sulfuric acid manganese sulfate drying process, may use many different dryers to carry on the sulfuric acid manganese dioxide drying. Due to the different process, in the process of manganese sulfate drying options need to be integrated into the actual situation. Details can be contacted with my company, free access to drying technology program.Tel:13809072359!

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