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Barium sulfate drying machine_Drying barium sulfate equipment_Barium sulfate disc dryers

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Apply of barium sulfate
Barium sulfate is a common chemicals, also known as barite. Barium sulfate in terms of medical treatment is mainly used for gastrointestinal contrast agent; in industrial paint to do, ink, plastic raw materials and filler; role in ceramic, enamel, perfumes were widely.
Barium sulfate drying machine
In the process of producing barium sulfate, drying and dehydration need to be carried out. With the continuous progress of the production technology of barium sulfate, the drying process is also increasing. The water content of barium sulfate slurry is about 25%, and the final moisture content of the product is 10%. And the process of barium sulfate drying process has gradually become sticky, hard, and finally become a loose process. In the process of selecting the drying equipment, the drying characteristics of barium sulfate should be considered. The earliest used for drying equipment of the main rotary kiln for drying equipment. The rotary kiln drying of barium sulfate belongs to the hot air drying, and the flue gas is used as the heat source to dry the barium sulfate. It is difficult to control the temperature in the rotary kiln drying equipment (which is easy to produce barium sulfate sintering phenomenon), and the equipment has a long life.
Barium sulfate disc drying machine
With the increasing market demand, the drying process of rotary kiln is gradually eliminated. Instead of a continuous pressure plate continuous dryer.It similar with precipitated baryte drying machine,the device can be filter material by conduction drying method with barium sulfate drying process requirements of dry goods. The device structure is shown below:
Barium sulfate disc drying machine
The above picture is a barium sulfate disc dryer.Among 1-Feeder;2-Blender A;3-Crusher;4-Blender B;5-Bucket elevator;6-Disc drying machine host;7-Heater exchange machine;
Form this picture we can learn about the mainly parts of whole barium sulfate drying machine.And this drying tray is hollow series,there are two kings types.Drying tray in order to arrange with every size.In the drying process,drying tray can not move,Drive the spindle and the rotation of the rake leaves. Stay dry wet material from the top into the drying chamber, the heating and drying plate contact, raking the leaves in the market on the wet material from the outward movement, finally fall into the small cap. While the small cap material on the outward movement finally fell as the market. In this process, the dry plate heat and mass transfer, the final completion of the drying process.You can click and learn the process of Demo of disc continuous dryers盘式干燥机动画Disc drying equipment can be disc drying equipment as mainly for brine method for drying system of barium sulfate,In the drying before the need to go through the plate and frame filter press to 25% moisture content. In order to ensure the whiteness of barium sulfate, the drying temperature of barium sulfate drying equipment is required to be set in the range of 110-120℃.
Barium sulfate spiral-disc series drying equipment
For meeting different requirement of yield,Several experiments have been carried out in our laboratory, and the organic combination of the barium sulfate disc dryer and the spiral dryer was carried out. The device structure is shown below:
Barium sulfate spiral-disc series drying equipment
The above picture about barium sulfate spiral-disc series drying equipment.Among 1-Horizontal screw machine;2-Spiral dryer;3-Bucket elevator;4-Crushed machine;5-Disc drying machine;
About this technology,Barium sulfate wet material by the horizontal screw machine into the spiral drying equipment for a class of dry. 12% water content of semi dry goods, after smashing into the disc dryer in the evacuation of two stage drying. The barium sulfate and the disc dryer can be used to dry the moisture content of barium sulfate to 0.2%! And the single use of disc drying equipment is different, the combination of drying machine with low energy consumption, the device has excellent sealing performance, high thermal efficiency and high characteristics. The spiral dryer was developed with the characteristics of the drying characteristics of barium sulfate, and the steam was used as the drying medium.And you can browse with disc drying machine Desulfurization gypsum drying machine
Selection of barium sulfate drying equipment
Our company as the professional production-dryer company,we had carried out many research and testing about it.If you have problem and order ,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359!

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