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Manganese sulfate drying machine_Manganese sulfate drying equipment

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    Manganese sulfate drying method
    It can be used for electrolytic manganese production and preparation of manganese salt,and also can be widely used in the industry of Painting,and mainly as manufacturing drying agent and flax seed oleic acid manganese and so on.At present, the main production method is prepared using manganese dioxide and sulfuric acid reaction, further drying. So, is one of the most important steps in the whole production process. At present, the feeding device is a spiral feeding machine, but there is a more serious agglomeration and sticky wall in the feed pipe. Due to the current structure of the screw feeder, feeding tube is one forming, cleaning work can not be carried out. Along with the feed inlet of the wall, eventually leading to the blockage, greatly reducing the drying rate. As for the problem of feeding into the material, we have studied and carried out a series of structural adjustment. After many experiments and formal operation, the problem can be solved. If your drying equipment is experiencing this problem, please contact our company.Tel:13809072359!
    Manganese sulfate drying machine
    Our company's drying machine,its important parts:Screw feeding machine、Flash drying machine's host、Blender、Heating machine、Air blower、Classifier、Cyclone separator、Star unloader、Bag filter、Induced draft fan and so on(See figure below).Among them,the spiral feeding machine is connected with the drying machine, and is different from the traditional manganese sulfate drier:Host motor to provide power to drive the stirrer; blower and the heater and the air distributor is connected; air distributor and dryer is connected to; dryer and grading is connected, classifier and star discharger is connected, cyclone separator is arranged at the connecting position of; star unloader are connected through a pipeline and the cloth sack dust remover, bag type dust collector through the conveying pipe and is connected with a draught fan, induced draft fan in the motor driven work, feeder's feeding tube on the circular surface and bottom plate for the pipeline, circle of arc side and one side of the base plate by a hinge connection, at the other end of the cambered surface is provided with a positioning pin, on the other side of the bottom plate is provided with a lock.
Sketch Map of drying manganse sulfate equipment
    The above picture is about Sketch Map of drying manganse sulfate equipment and detailed CAD drawing,please tell us your requirement through our email,we will send to you later.
    In the above pictures:1、Screw feeding machine 1-1、Helical blade 1-2、The feed pipe on the circular surface 1-3、Floor 1-4、Locating pin 1-5、Lock 1-6、Hinge 2、Drying equipment 3、Blender 4、Mixer motor 5、Air distributor 6、Heater 7、Air blower I 7-1、Air blower I Electric machinery 8、Cyclone separator 9、Star unloader 10、Bag filter 10-1、tube 10-2、Ending valve of duster 10-3、Dust remover 10-4、Observation window of dust remover 11、Induced draft fan 11-1、Pipe 11-2、Electric fan motor 11-3、Motor base 12、Air blower II 12-1、Air blower I Electric machinery 12-2、Air blower II Inlet duct 12-3、Air inlet 13、Classifier.
    Manganese sulfate dryers
    The advantages of using our drying machine:
    1)Due to the manganese sulfate dryer spiral feeding machine of the feeding pipe is composed of two parts to form by on the circular surface and the bottom and because on the circular surface and one side of the base plate are connected by a hinge, with one side of the locking connection, when after a long time feeding, bonded in the pipeline of manganese sulfate is large, directly open the feed pipe on the lock to clean up. This effect is: clean is more convenient, and clean thoroughly, cleared up then lock lock tight can work normally, use is very convenient.
    2)Because of the air inlet in the feeding tube and the drier, the first passage of the feed tube into the dryer, the first passage of the air flow is dispersed, which is helpful to the mixing and drying.
    3)According to the output of the design and selection, to avoid excessive energy consumption.
    4)To achieve the 0 emission, no powder dust.
    The picture about drying machine
Drying equipment for manganese sulfate

Dryers for manganese sulfate

Manganese sulfate dryers

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