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Ceramic slurry pressure spray drying technology

Time:2015-10-29  Creator:Yi Du

   The drying of ceramic slurry is always a difficult problem in the whole drying industry. Due to the characteristics of the ceramic itself, in the drying process of temperature, air speed is very high, so if you want to dry ceramic slurry, these conditions must be strictly controlled. So, at this stage, the choice of drying equipment to dry out the quality of the finished product?
     At first,as the nanometer powder with raw material,as ethanol with abrasive media,buld had been drying in the paste.As control the temp not good,so it will serious phenomenon of agglomeration.After it,insider will use vacuum drying machine,or use other coaling method,but all of us hope to solve problems,and there are no effection.as the develop in spray drying technology,our company find new chance.Using spray dying technology,drying ceramic slurry.After many times research,it can be useful with this kind of drying equipment for ceramic slurry..
     after strict contro:Inlet air temperature about ~350℃;Outlet air temperature about ~110℃.Use and flow, so that the material and hot air contact. Atomizer device for ceramic slurry from the pump into the drying equipment. Pressure atomizer of the ceramic slurry is evenly sprayed on the main drying tower. Air filtered into direct combustion type gas stove for heating, and finally arrived at the main drying tower, and ceramic slurry contact and take ceramic slurry in water.After this steps,Ceramic slurry's original moisture about 55% to ≤1% powder.
    With pressure spray drying machine ,it can rform “coring”,drying effect is good, the average production of around 15000 kg/h (can choose different pressure spray model according to production requirements). In order to prevent the material loss, reduce the production cost, set up the secondary dust removal device, cyclone separator and bag dust removal device; In the receiving system, this pressure drying equipment has three discharging mouth, respectively in: dry under the main tower, cyclone separator and bag filter. Operation pressure spray drying machine is also very convenient. This equipment adopts the man-machine interface + PLC program control, temperature setting, equipment switch, etc. Be clear at a glance.

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