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Fiddlehead drying equipment_Fiddlehead drying technology

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    Nutritive value of fiddlehead
    Fiddlehead can be called as Fist dishes,Cat's paw and Long Toucai and so on.It is a growth in the mountains of wild herbs. Along with the people to the diet nutrition, more and more people started eating bracken. Common practice is: fried bracken fern, Pteridium aquilinum, fried meat salad. Bracken can be used as medicine, treatment take fever; jaundice; dysentery; vaginal discharge; dysphagia; pulmonary tuberculosis hemoptysis; hematochezia; rheumatic arthralgia disease has a very good effect.
    Fiddlehead drying technology
    Bracken picking time is short, too early or too late harvesting will affect the taste and nutritional value. Will pluck bracken dehydrated, prolong storage time, is a necessary means to improve the value of bracken. Changzhou City difficulty drying equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional design and production of dryer, the drying technology of plant material do the thorough research and the experiment.The article above 《Chrysanthemum microwave-air combination drying equipment》and 《Strawberry freezed drying equipment》,the drying and dehydration of the plant materials were described in detail. Similar, Pteridium aquilinum drying technology can also be using the two kinds of material drying method, which uses microwave dryer, dewatering and drying. The whole production process is as follows:
    Pick→Choose→Clean→Integer→Hot drift (protect color)→Coal→Waterlogging caused by excessive rainfalL→Pack→Microve vacuum drying→Filter→Weighing and packing→Storage
    In order to verify the drying method of bracken, special comparison test. Take the same sample, using microwave vacuum drying, hot air drying and freeze drying test. After the test data analysis, get the following data:
    Color of three different type with difference to ratio(±Standard deviation)
            Freeze drying    Microve vacuum drying    Hot air drying
    Lightness1  55.99±0.3  54.1±0.53    46.37±0.41
    Lightness2  48.89±0.31 46.98±0.52   39.42±0.45
    Aberration1       0      5.96±0.42    13.98±0.49
    The content of vitamin C of bracken with three method(mg/100g)
           Microve vacuum dryers   Hot air dryers    Freeze drying equipment
    vitamin C 18.16±0.21   4.00±0.11  18.33±0.15
    Choose microve vacuum drying machine for fiddlehead
    After testing, we found that the use of microwave vacuum dryer, the drying rate is high, get dry finished after tests found, the rate of water recovery, vitamin C content, color and other data are in line with technical requirements. Although the product can reach the product quality index, but the drying cost is higher.
    Our company carried out many times research,and get testing data with dehydration,as 2.68kw ,Between vacuum degree about :70-80kp ,once times cost about 12min.
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