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Basofor drying machine_Selectiong of basofor drying equipment

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Basofor dryers
Basofor is one kinds of white powder,has a very wide range of applications. In the process of preparing barium sulfate, the drying process is very important, directly related to the quality of the product. Such as precipitation of barium sulfate water, white degree, etc.. Because of the precipitation of barium sulfate with a certain viscosity, in the process of drying is easy to occur in the phenomenon of agglomeration. Therefore, the precipitation of barium sulfate drying equipment selection should pay attention to this point.With Basofor dryers equipment is similar,at the industry of drying machine about basofor dryers with oven.Then rotary drier, paddle dryer, spray drying equipment, rotary disc dryer and flash dryer and put into production. We studied the drying equipment used in the precipitation of barium sulfate, and summarized the advantages and disadvantages of various drying processes.
Selectiong of basofor drying equipment
Rotary kiln drying equipment had been called as Rotary kiln drying oven,it is one kind of continuous drying equipment of water by indirect heating of the flue gas.As the following shown:
Basofor rotary kiln dryers
The above picture about basofor rotary kiln dryers,among 1-Cowper blast air heater;2-Charging hole;3-Feeder;4-Backing ring A;5-Radial duct;6-Jacket;7-Drum line;8-Backing ring B;
This equipment had big area covered,and equipment investment cost is higher; the flue gas contains certain dust will pollute the material, the influence of the white degree; the equipment flue is easy to crack, the maintenance cost is higher. At present, the equipment has gradually been replaced by other equipment.
Basofor paddle dryers
Blade drying equipment is also known as the mixing type dryer, hollow blade dryer. The device is provided with a clamping sleeve and a hollow blade is welded on the hollow mixing shaft. Inside the blade of the dry medium, in the process of heat transfer with the material also played a role in the mixing. Blade drying equipment has the function of automatic cleaning, high heat transfer efficiency. Drying process of precipitation in the process of drying and precipitation of barium sulfate with paddle dryer will not be in direct contact with the material. In order to improve the thermal efficiency and output, the two hollow blade dryer is connected in series, and the equipment is as follows:
Basofor vacuum double drum paddle dryers
The above picture about double stage paddle drying machine.
The device has stable operation, low pollution, steam as heat transfer medium, drying cost is low; the drying effect is good, the product quality is high.
Basofor dryers
As the product requirements for powder, so the use of spray drying process has a certain feasibility. Spray drying process brief introduction: air filter after heating into the main spray tower at the top of the hot air distributor into the drying chamber. At the same time suspension in the feed pump into the centrifugal atomizer atomizing for small liquid droplets. Small droplets and hot air contact, instantly into spherical powder. Dry goods are discharged from the bottom of the main tower, the smaller particle size of the powder is collected by the cyclone separator and the bag type dust collector.Whole process can be see form Animation demo of spray drying machine.
The spray drying process is characterized by a very short drying period and large processing capacity. Dry goods in line with the requirements of the process, and through the control cabinet can be adjusted to change the quality of the product.In the process of using spray drying equipment,it need to pay attention to solid content,and Selection of atomizer喷雾干燥雾化器种类.In addition, the drying temperature of the spray drying equipment needs to be controlled, avoiding the problem of sticking to the wall.
Basofor disc —paddle drying equipment
Similar to the drying characteristics of barium sulfate, barium sulfate can be used to dry the combined drying process. General use of two blade disc drying mode. The equipment is as follows:
Basofor double paddle-disc drying equipment
The two blade - disc drying equipment. The device takes advantage of the blade dryer and disc drying equipment, which solves the problem that the barium sulfate is not easy to dry, which is the wet and wet sulfuric acid and the 10% water content is below.
Basofor flash drying equipment
Flash drying process from the eighty years since the last century, has made great progress in china. The precipitated barium sulfate production process, flash drying equipment has also been a lot of barium sulfate manufacturers favor. The device structure is shown below:
Basofor flash drying equipment
The above picture about basofor flash drying equipment.Among 1-Air blower;2-Hot air oven;3-Host;4-Cyclone separator(long vertebral body);5-Cyclone separator(diffusion);6-Induced draft fan;7-Wet dust collector;
In the using process of flash drying equipment,The temperature of the material at 250℃ is the phenomenon of thermal sintering, so the drying temperature needs to be controlled at about 200-220℃, and the air temperature is controlled at 75-80℃. The feed quantity of barium sulfate needs to be calculated by the inlet air temperature and air pressure.
Selection of Basofor dryers
We share a few common drying equipment for drying. The moisture content of wet material, product process requirements of the different, in the choice of drying equipment also has a certain flexibility. If you need to order the drying equipment, or consult the dryer related information, welcome to contact me.Tel:13809072359!

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