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Apple drying equipment_Apple chips extrusion technology

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Apple is one of our common fruits. Because of its sweet and sour taste, rich in nutrients, by many people's favorite. Apple belongs to the temperate fruit, its cultivation conditions on the temperature, precipitation, sunshine and soil and other requirements are more demanding, so the world's apple producing areas of several countries. As apple and Apple's deep processing products market demand, but also to promote the development of Apple drying process.
At present,in chinaFruit and vegetable drying equipment can be changed very fast,as also in the industry of Fruit drying machine.In the early years, the drying process of fruit drying in China is mainly based on the hot air circulation oven.Like Binglang drying machine as the oven to dry.In this process, the shape of the fruit dry goods is not high, the oven can meet the requirements. With the increasing demand for fruit processing products, many fruits are also beginning to be processed into various kinds of food by drying and dehydration. Oven is clearly not meet the requirements, and then there is a spray drying equipment (Tomato drying) and fluidized bed drying machine (grape drying equipment).
Apple drying technology
Apple's moisture content is higher, in the process of processing will be subjected to mechanical damage and microbial infection. So Apple drying process needs to take into account the nutrition of Apple itself, mechanical damage, color, taste. In the process of selecting the apple slice drying equipment, the factors mentioned above should be considered. our company had difficulty dry laboratory after a long discussion, and compared with currently used for the drying equipment for drying apple, using three kinds of new dry process for drying dehydration of apple.
Apple freeze drying machine
Because of the higher drying requirements, especially for the color of the product and the appearance of the higher requirements.Our company combine Strawberry drying machine,The decision to use the freeze drying equipment for drying apples. The following conclusions were found in the simulation experiments of freeze drying of apples:
1 The freezing speed is too slow when will result in Apple enzyme Browning (apple rust surface). I suggest that the use of the fast freezing rate is not affected by the effect of the drying of apples. Cold reading rate can be controlled in 4mm/h。
2 Heating plate temperature setting on the final quality of the products influence bigger, generally the shelf heat and temperature is set at about 70-80℃, can shorten the drying cycle;
3 The thickness of the slice of Apple has a decisive effect on the drying time, the thickness of the common apple slices should not exceed the 0.8cm。
Apple chips extrusion technology
Microwave vacuum drying technology is to put the material in the microwave radiation environment, making the product dry expansion. After microwave puffing drying equipment drying products with the microporous structure of the loose, in order to make up in under normal temperature and pressure expansion caused by product burning, shell surface phenomenon, join the vacuum drying process.The vacuum drying technology Tomato drying machine will get big effect.Here for the apple chips drying also has certain practical basis. The device structure is shown below:
Apple chips extrusion drying machine
Apple microwave vacuum drying equipment as above. Among 1-Feed port;2-Vacuum section;3-Conveying equipment;4-Microwave generator;5-Vacuum drying chamber;6-Electric machinery;7-Barrel;
Drying parameters:
Microve power:12w/g;
Apple slice thickness:≤8mm;
Dried water content:5.66%;
The advantages and disadvantages of the various drying processes are considered in the selection process of the apple drying equipment. Our company as a professional design and manufacturing enterprises, the drying technology of all kinds of fruit a lot of research.Our vacuum drying machine can be sued in Olive drying橄榄Litchi drying and Lemon slice drying and it have better effect.If you want to know more about,or you want to order,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359!

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