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Tricyclazol drying machine_tricyclazol drying equipment

Time:2015-10-30  Creator:Yi Du

        Tricyclazol drier
        It is the prevention and control of rice blast is special sterilizing agent.Our professional design and manufacture of all kinds of pesticide drying machine,had supported Pesticides drying equipment for large-scale agricultural production enterprises with technology service.In the drying process,Finally, the expansion of the reaction after water dilution, followed by the completion of cooling, filtration, washing the need for mechanical dehydration, dehydration, drying, and eventually get dried prodction.The character of tricyclazo is similar with Avermectin drying machine,so we can use the same drying equipment to dry it!
        Tricyclazol dryers
        In the drying process of Tricyclazol,The water content of the three - ring is about 25%, and the final moisture content is 1%. Through the orthogonal test of the dry orthogonal test, we found that when the temperature of the air temperature in the drying equipment is about 120℃, the highest yield and the lowest energy consumption can be achieved, and the products are collected more than 99.5%. The process is as follows: the clean air heated by heat source from the base of the three ring to the mixing and grinding chamber, which can make a strong shear, blow up and rotation, and the impact of the centrifugal impact friction and the particle. Tricyclazole by screw feeder enter into the drier, under the strong role of high speed rotating stirrer, block of Tricyclazole swiftly crushed, full contact with hot air, heated and dried. After dehydration of Tricyclazole dry powder with hot air rises, grading ring will be big particles of Tricyclazole interception, Tricyclazole small particles by the cyclone recovery, dry or bulk Tricyclazole by centrifugal force left wall, to fall to the bottom by crushing and drying.
        Tricyclazol drier
        It is the mainly drying machine in out company,and after many times research,it had many advantages:
        1.Because the material is subjected to centrifugal, shear, collision, friction and the particle into a highly dispersed state and the relative velocity of gas and solid, and strengthen the heat and mass transfer, so that the machine has high production strength.
        2.Dry gas enters the bottom of the dryer, produces a strong rotating air flow, the material on the wall of the wall has a strong scouring effect, eliminating the phenomenon of sticky wall.
        3.In the high temperature zone of the dryer, the material is not directly exposed to the hot surface, and solves the problem of coking discoloration in the drying process.
        4.Because of the high gas velocity, the residence time is short, efficient, fast, small equipment production.
        5.The drying chamber rotary piece, in order to control the water level of the lower reach.
        6.The drying chamber of the drying apparatus can control the grain size and temperature of the outlet.
        Tricyclazol drier
        For running drying machine successfully with whole process,our company manufacture for small sample test machine.the related information about drying equipment as the following shown:
Tricyclazol dryers
Tricyclazol drying equipment
Tricyclazol drying machine

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