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Bentonite dryers_Bentonite flash dryers

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    Apply of bentonite
    Bentonite is a kind of natural clay mineral, and its main component is montmorillonite. Bentonite is very extensive, mainly for oil exploitation, casting, construction industry, animal husbandry. Bentonite is known as non metallic minerals are thousands of uses, visible bentonite is widely used.
    Drying bentonite
    At present, the method of purification of bentonite is mainly divided into two kinds of dry and wet method. The difference is the content of the raw material (i.e., montmorillonite). The wet purification of bentonite need to be dry and dehydrated. Because of its very good dispersion in water, it is very difficult for the drying of bentonite. We have carried on the thorough research to this material characteristic, and carried on the drying experiment.
    Drying bentonite with flash dryers
    In the drying equipment selection of bentonite, because it has a certain mobility. The choice of flash dryer test equipment, structure diagram as follows:
The structure of bentonite flash drying machine
    The above picture about bentonite flash drying machine.
    From the figure, we can see for bentonite bentonite drying the flash dryer mainly has: blower, heat source, bag filter, fan and flash host composition. The heat source can choose coal or gas stove, the structure can also be flexible to choose straight or burning(See 《Classification of drying machine》).
    Bentonite special drying machine
    For the bentonite drying the flash dryer and its working principle: after the filtration of the air is heated into flash within the host; stay dry bentonite enter the flash host from a feed port, the first is set on the bottom of the blade grinding, the last being the hot air blows. By the impact, shear, the effect of friction in a flash evaporator of bentonite, increases the heating area. Under the action of the wind turbine, the dry goods and the dry goods are left the drying chamber, the cyclone separator and the bag dust collector are collected. After filtration, the tail gas is drained. Flash dryer for more detailed work flow can browse《The working principle of flash drying equipment》.
    Drying data of spray drying machine
    After many times testing,our company can ensure the best drying data of Bentonite dryers.As:
    Temp of air:260℃;
    Temp of inlet:210℃;
    Temp of outlet:120℃;
    Speed rate:600r/min;
    After handle with our company,Moisture content 95% of bentonite can be drying to 10% moisture content in a short time, and the particle size of the main around 325 mesh. Because of the different factors such as production, the design and manufacture of the flash dryer is not the same. So the bentonite drying machine prices are uncertain. If you want know more information of bentonite drying, or would like to ask the price of bentonite dryer, can contact with us.Tel:13809072359
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