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Herbs extract drying machine_Vacuum one-step extract drying equipment

Time:2015-10-30  Creator:Yi Du

    Selection of Herbs extract dryers
    It is hot at present in the industry of herbs extract.The common drying equipment had《Herbs extract vacuum belt dryers technology》and 《Choose chinses herbs extract spray drying machine中药浸膏干燥选择中药材浸膏喷雾干燥机》.And there are many pharmaceutical companies to carried out drying working.Due to extract the majority of class belongs to the high viscous materials, the use of traditional oven will need manual feeding and unloading. Bare handed operation not only caused a greater labor intensity, and does not meet the GMP standards. Oven dried extract materials and need a longer production cycle, its scope of application is more limited (heat sensitive material does not apply oven).
    Herbs extact drying technology——vcuum onestep extract drying machine
    The one-step vacuum drying method,it is a new technology for Chinese traditional medicine extract characteristics. The vacuum dryer for one-step extract treatment of pharmaceutical enterprises has a choice of direction.
    The structure as the following shown with vacuum one-step extract drying machine.
The structure as the following shown with vacuum one-step extract drying machine.jpg
    The above picture about the structure as the following shown with vacuum one-step extract drying machine,Among 1-Left axis;2-Heating jacket;3-Copy board;4-Inclined slide plate;5-Crushed;6-Heating tube group;7-Inclined chute fixed supporting tube;8-Nozzle;9-Tail gas filter;10-Right axis;11-Rotary joint of pumping gas;12-Extract feed pipe。
    The advantages of vacuum one-steps extract drying machine
    1 Widely used:Is suitable for heat sensitive extract materials at 40~80℃. The vacuum degree of equipment increases, can reduce the evaporation temperature of concrete. For most of the heat sensitive material, the device has good drying effect.
    2 Solving droplet flying and wall sticking problem: the vacuum one-step extract dryer the atomized droplets is coarse, is conducive to sustained and extract powder mixing package. Unlike spray dryer, and the smaller the better than the droplet. The coarse droplets do not cause the liquid drop to float, and the sticky wall occurs. The viscosity of the extract are also suitable.
    3 Return system design: the establishment of axial mixing and dry extract powder reflux system, ensure the equipment can continue to dry.
    4 Drying efficiency is relatively high: special reflux system, which can cause axial powder particles to establish wet content of high school low moisture content gradient. On the drying efficiency also has a greater improvement.
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