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Cat litter drying equipment_Bentonite cat litter granulation drying technology

Time:2015-10-30  Creator:Yi Du

What is cat litter
As people living standard rise, many people began to keep small animals. In order to solve the pet discharge pollution, an American veterans invented the cat litter. The role of the cat litter is used to dispose of pet waste. Common types of cat litter is more, such as ordinary cat sand (coarse sand) is a low price, but use a week or two that will all change. The main components in crystal cat litter silica gel, so also known as silica gel cat litter, is in recent years the emergence of new varieties, but in use process cause harm to pets. Wood cat litter is pine, pulp and wheat skins, service life is long, but because of the wood itself has strong hygroscopicity, many cats have negation to the smell of wood, wood powder will be out of the basin pollution caused by the outside. Bentonite cat litter is natural bentonite as raw material processing and become, strong water absorption performance, cluster sex is good, price is low. But as a result of natural bentonite cat litter deodorize sex, such as adding zeolite in the process of production of cat litter, can effectively improve the performance of bentonite cat litter.
Cat litter dryers
The current domestic production of cat litter technology is mainly used in group type clay drying, the drying process is relatively simple.Using white Bentonite cat litter granulation or natural dry,the one with bentonite mixed with sodium carbonate fully in proportion,after across crushed粉碎机设备参数 to 100mesh.Add powder to add water mixing sodium silicate solution, we used the squeezing roller machine pressed into the pie and into dry drying equipment to the moisture content is below 10%. The drying equipment is available in rotary drum dryer or vertical vibration fluidized bed drying equipment!!
We for a lot of work on bentonite cat litter process, found its deodorization effect is not ideal. Compared with the imported cat litter has a large gap, my company laboratory for the X ray diffraction experiment of cat litter, imports of cat litter was found to contain the zeolite components.
In the our reference room had Zeolite dry,Zeolite is microporous structure, can be used to separate different size of molecules. Mostly used in industry zeolite used as molecular sieve, the effect is remarkable. In the production of cat litter, add zeolite adsorption odor of pet waste.
Bentonite cat litter granulation
In the process of production of cat litter granulation are mainly wet granulation. Early in the granulation, is mainly scattered and soft micro particles, after mixing gradually becomes the core of the crumb. The particle size as the core, after the formation of cat litter is mainly composed of the nature of the solid and liquid surface tension and viscosity.
Cat litter drying equipment
In the processing technology of different breed of cat litter, drying and granulation is an essential link. The drying effect is good or bad will directly affect the product quality in the end. Due to the limitation of space, not all the breed of cat sand drying process in detail, such as you need to know the cat sand drying process in detail, or want to order our cat sand drying equipment, welcome to contact me.Tel:13809072359!

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