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Three-compo-nent dryers_SIPM drying equipment

Time:2015-10-30  Creator:Yi Du

Three-compo-nent dryers
Three-compo-nent can be called as dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate,simple name is SIPM.It is raw material of Polyester,in fine chemicals and polymer synthesis process is also very important raw materials.Three-compo-nent was obtained by the steps of the process of the preparation of the sulfonated, esterification and alkali.In the drying process,drying is very important.So,how to choose drying equipment?
SIPM drying machine
Before drying SIPM,the material is loose block.And requirement of SIPM drying equipment:Dried SIPM's uniform quality;Production reached the technical standard; SIPM material will not appear damage phenomenon, low equipment investment, etc.. At present, SIPM drying equipment for common flash dryer. Until after the drying of the SIPM into flash drying equipment, fall into the bottom of the grinding chamber is crushed, in the role of the hot air fluidization. SIPM wet material in dry indoor and hot air for the full heat exchange, into powder dry goods. Finally SIPM powder and hot air enter the cyclone separator for gas separation. The use of flash drying equipment for drying SIPM is feasible, and the dispersion of the fineness of SIPM products are up to standard. But there are also problems such as high cost of drying and equipment in the process of the tail gas treatment. So, SIPM drying equipment to choose it?Our company recommend disc drying equipment to drying SIPM!
dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate drying equipment
Disc drying equipment belongs to the type of conduction type drier, its advantage is the case of small area, high thermal efficiency and no leakage of dust.At present disc drying equipment can be used forLithium hydroxide dryersAmmonium nitrate dryers硝酸铵Cyanide acid dryers氰尿酸Nickel concentrate drying machineand so on.In the drying process of dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate,the structure of disc drying equipment as the following shown:
Dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate drying equipment
The above picture about dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate drying equipment.
In the pictures,all dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate drying equipment's parts:The drying plate (two sizes), rake arm, rake, spindle, transmission device. Drying medium, such as heat conduction oil, steam, for heat exchange.Drying dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate from the feed inlet into the drying equipment, into the first layer of dry plate. The small size of the dry plate material to the extension movement, falling into the bottom of the big dry plate;big drying disc of dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate is to the center of the circle movement,from the middle of the hole into the lower part of the small dry plate, so repeatedly.wet material can be across dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate disc drying machine,evaporation of water.and get dried dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate,then weighting and packing.
Disc drying equipment is one of the main products of our company, such as the need to order the dryer or the drying process of SIPM are interested in contact with my company!Our company had deisgned dimethyl isophthalate —5— Sodium sulfonate drying machine.Tel:13809072359!

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