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Chinese herbs Granule vacuum drying technology

Time:2015-10-30  Creator:Yi Du

    Chinese medicine granule is a new type of medicine, is the basis for the development in the decoction or syrup to. The traditional Chinese medicine decoction to take, granules can be a very good solution to this problem. The main characteristics of Chinese medicine granules are good taste, easy to carry and easy to store. In the first few years, some people will ask such a question:“which is the best between granule and herbs”,we can answer this question through their character.
    Drying process of traditional chinese medicine granule
    In the traditional Chinese medicine granules preparation process, need excipient and flavoring agent. It is generally used to act as the role of sugar. But for many middle-aged and old friends and patients with coronary heart disease, high blood lipids of patients are often not applicable. Thus, many experts began to study if you use less or even do not need sugar for the preparation of Chinese herbal medicine. After several experiments, through the traditional Chinese medicine extract drying, the dried products for grinding work made no sugar granule.
    In the process of drying in the use of Chinese medicine, to melt completely soluble granules. This is also the difficulty of the whole drying process.
    Reason for producing coke in the vacuum drying process of traditional chinese medicine:
    In the inspection of the dry product, there is sometimes found that there is a problem of coke crumbs. Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty were a series of comparative experiments, the causes of the problem one by one investigation, find out the reasons of the following:
    1 Extract had been pollution:Enter into drying equipment,There are traditional Chinese medicine wet extract foreign body, in the drying process of these foreign bodies of coking.
    2 There have problem in the setting of drying temp:In order to obtain the high quality of Chinese medicine granules, the drying temperature is generally 80℃. Temperature of the vacuum drying oven on the instrument panel of the drying apparatus is the air temperature in the box. The average steam temperature is 160℃, so when the oven temperature reaches 80℃, the temperature of the heating tube has reached 120℃. Some from the pan heating tube is close, because of the high temperature materials in order to produce a peacoke.
    3 Dry media had been contaminated:Mainly in the presence of dust in the air, adhesion to the material, resulting in the formation of the chip.

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