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Permanent violet drying machine_Permanent violet rl series drying equipment

Time:2015-11-02  Creator:Yi Du

    Permanent violet RL is currently one of the most high-grade pigment, with outstanding tinting strength, heat resistance, permeability and light fastness are very good. Violet is widely used in printing and dyeing industry.
    Permanent violet flash drying technology and drying box
    The most important process in the production of violet in the RL link is drying and crushing. The most common violet RL is used for drying box dryer. But there are also some problems: the drying cycle is long, the thermal efficiency is low, the product can occur on the surface of the burnt or the interior is dry. And the use of van dryer has great labor intensity, high energy consumption, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of production.
    Flash dryer is the most common drying equipment for the paint industry, if combining the flash technology and van dryer, which can overcome the flash drying process energy consumption is too large, but also to avoid the compartment drying in product quality is low, the thermal efficiency is low. We have made a lot of research, and take the contrast test of this combination drying equipment for permanent violet rl.
    The drying character of Permanent violet
    After the study, we found that violet has special drying characteristics. As we know, the most important indicator is the strength of the material and color. In the course of drying should also be noted that the characteristics of the. What are the factors that affect the performance?
    1 The oxidation problem: the whole production process for the synthetic reaction, but in the material will remain less unreacted material, these substances will be thermal oxidation in air, thus affecting the product color. This requires that the dry chamber and the wind temperature can not be higher than 80℃.
    2 Shear problem: material in a host of spin flash dryer will subjected to shear, and permanent violet RL by shearing and collision, the crystal will change, resulting in color deviation and strength changes little. So it is necessary to reduce the operating speed and the speed of the blade.
    3 Fineness problem: Violet product requirements for custom 120-300 mesh, need to pay attention to in the setting of drying parameters. The smaller the fineness, the strength increases, the smaller the difference of color.
    Permanent violet rl series drying equipment
    Through the experimental data, we found that the use of combined drying equipment has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high output and good quality. Its thermal efficiency of up to 59%, reducing the cost of production.

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