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Regenerated activated carbon drying machine_Regenerated activated carbon drying equipment

Time:2015-11-02  Creator:Yi Du

    Regenerated activated carbon:
    The above about 《Regenerated activated carbon drying machine》talked about it.And the failure of activated carbon can be regenerated by a certain method, which is activated carbon regeneration technology. Activated carbon is activated by external stimulation, and thus the purpose of reuse is achieved. There are many kinds of regeneration methods of activated carbon, the most common is ultrasonic regeneration, electrochemical regeneration and so on. Which needs to be dried and dehydrated.
    Regenerated activated carbon drying equipment with best effect
    We design and manufacture of activated carbon production enterprises 20 sets of renewable carbon dryer, after drying the activated carbon can reach 9.5 sub blue without activation, activated carbon can be reached with the new wood charcoal or chemical carbon. The structure of this device is unique, and the drying temperature can reach above 350. The wide range of application of regenerated carbon drying equipment can be used not only for the drying of carbon, but also for the drying of new carbon. After drying the product is powdery, which may facilitate the next step (e.g., activation). The moisture of the dried coal can be adjusted by controlling the parameters. The device has a unique structure, convenient application, high thermal efficiency. The device is currently the industry leaders, the activated carbon factory used activated carbon drying equipment, its thermal efficiency is far below the the drying equipment. At present, we design the production of renewable carbon drying equipment is also activated carbon drying industry a unique and high flying banner.
    Choose YiDu with Regenerated carbon drying equipment
    Our professional design and production of renewable carbon drying equipment. Recently, the design and manufacture of more than 20 sets of regenerated carbon drying machine for the production of activated carbon. My company has dozens of experienced technical elite, in the activated carbon has more experience and strength of the dry. If you activated carbon production enterprises need drying equipment, if you worry about activated carbon drying, please contact us, we will provide you solve problems.Our equipment is the best choice for you, please contact our technical engineer:Mr Lin.Tel:13809072359 We will be 24 hours to answer your service.
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