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Monosultap drying machine_Insecticide flash drying equipment

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Monosultap dryers
Insecticidal single major sugar cane, vegetables, rice crops in the prevention and control of pests and chemicals to regulate the growth of plants. The insecticidal single product is powder type, in the process of preparation of the insecticidal single need to dry.Our company carried out research about Pesticide drying machine,the dry equipment made in China is best in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.In the drying industry of monosultap,our company after an investigation found that about the selection of drying equipment, as mainly of van dryer, rake type drying equipment.The labor intensity of the above - mentioned insecticidal single - dryer is high, the energy consumption is high, and the drying quality is poor. A further study on the characteristics of the dry and dry characteristics of the pesticides in our company,and compare with Dimehypo drying machine and Tricyclazole drying equipment,and the test data and sample company workshop analysis, using flash drying equipment for drying shachongdan!
The working principle of monosultap drying technology
The structure as the following shown:
Monosultap dryers
Above is Monosultap dryers,Among 1-Air filter;2-Air blower;3-Steam heater exchanger;4-Rotating blade;5-Feeding point;6-Classifier;7-First class cyclone;8-Two stage cyclone;9-Bag filter;10-Induced draft fan;11-Wet dust removal device;
Died drying material can be enter into drying room,and contact with high temp and speed air,among of these had small powder is fluidized,The larger particle size of the insecticidal single filter cake is the bottom of the rotating blade machinery is broken into small particles. As the single particle in the drying chamber is fluidized, its specific surface area and heat and mass transfer coefficient are relatively large. At the top of the classifier (also known as elutriation ring), the particle diameter is larger, the more moisture content of particle retention in the drying chamber, fine powder through classifier into the collection of tail gas treatment. Because of the certain viscosity of the insecticide, it will appear in the process of killing the insect, which will result in the increase of the air velocity and the speed of the blade.
Drying data of drying macine
Through the analysis of the data of our company, we have obtained the dry parameter.:
Inlet's temp:120-140℃;
Outlet's temp:80-90℃;
Air flow rate:2000m³/h;
Theoretical yield:140-160kg/h;
Fineness:80 mesh;

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