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Sodium hyaluronate spray drying method

Time:2015-11-02  Creator:Yi Du

    Sodium hyaluronate is a common raw material in the field of cosmetics. Sodium hyaluronate has a great effect on reducing the complications of surgery and promoting wound healing. It can be said that sodium hyaluronate is the fourth generation of biomimetic cosmetic additives. Since 1934, scientists have found that the study of sodium hyaluronate has never stopped, and now in the Department of Ophthalmology surgery, the use of sodium hyaluronate, the vast majority of drugs, can be seen in the study of sodium hyaluronate, a lot of progress.
    For research of Sodium hyaluronate,it is difficlt point.We have done a lot of experiments in order to solve the problem,choose different Drying equipment,At last,and we get best effect of drying machine about spray drying.
    Wet content of sodium hyaluronate was very wet,and it wet contain is about 1%,In order to make the drying time brief and not to destroy the nature, we have carried on the strict control to the temperature,temp of inlet can be control to 170-180℃;set temp of outlet to 80℃.Double heating system with steam heat exchanger and electric heating compensation to meet different production requirements.
    The details of the spray drying apparatus used by our company for drying sodium hyaluronate. Can be divided into 7 systems:
    Heating sysytem:Steam heat exchanger, electric heating compensation
    Dust system:The two stage cyclone separator + spray dust
    Circulatory system:Open cycle of air supply fan
    Air filtration system:First effect + sub - efficient air filter
    Feeding system:  Peristaltic pump stepless adjustable feeding
    Purge system:  Cold air cooling blow pipe
   Control system: frequency conversion adjusts the rotate speed of the atomizer, the digital display meter display temperature, pressure, touch screen to display the working flow, PLC Fuzzy control variable technique parameters.
    For customers to create a dry equipment in line with the requirements of production is our company has been adhering to the belief.Our company is ——Drying equipment design and manufacturing expertor!

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