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Ammonium sulphate drying machine_Ammonium sulphate drying equipment

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    Drying technology of ammonium sulphate
    China's main energy is coal, will produce a large number of sulfur dioxide, will produce acid rain. Need to carry out desulfurization of flue gas. In the joint efforts of many experts and scholars, the desulfurization process has been rapid development. In a large number of desulfurization method, ammonia method has the advantages of simple process, low production cost, no two pollution, made of material can be used as fertilizer, to improve the quality and yield of fruit, and enhance the resistance of crops to disasters.
    Ammonia and sulfur dioxide in the flue gas in the desulfurization tower, the production of sodium sulfate slurry. After the first entry into the centrifuge, the sodium sulfate slurry is dried in the drying equipment, and the ammonium sulfate is obtained. At present, there are mainly the drying equipment of ammonium sulfate in the industry: rotary drum dryer, air dryer and the fluidized bed dryer.
    Ammonium sulphate dyers
    As a professional design and manufacture of the enterprise, we are dedicated to the research and promotion of the drying technology of different materials. A lot of researches have been done on the ammonia process, and a lot of experiments have been carried out on the drying process of ammonium sulfate, and three kinds of ammonium sulfate drying process are described in detail.
    Ammonium sulphate drying equipment
    1 Drum drying machine:Ammonium sulfate slurry is transferred into a rotary drum dryer by the cutter. The drying chamber of the rotary drum dryer is constantly rotating, making the ammonium sulfate material rotating in the dry chamber, making full contact with the hot air. After drying, ammonium sulfate dry goods were collected by the cyclone separator, the wet air after the cyclone separator will carry the powder material separated, discharged into the atmosphere. The ammonium sulfate rotary drum dryer structure diagram as follows:
The structure of ammonium sulphate drum dyers
Ammonium sulphate dyers
    The above about Ammonium sulphate dyers's structure.
    The output of the rotary drum dryer is larger, and the operation is convenient. But there is a large area of land is too large, prone to sticky wall phenomenon. In addition, the use of ammonium sulfate rotating drum dryer need to regularly stop check and clean.
    2 Air dryer: ammonium sulfate slurry into the air flow dryer, in the role of hot air movement. The special design of the gas flow tube makes the material in a pulsed mode of motion. Ammonium sulfate powder smaller particle size of the material collected by the cyclone separator; mill bulk material under the action of gravity falls to the bottom of the internal grinding, then repeated drying. After the two stage cyclone collection of material, and the wet air into the atmosphere. Ammonium sulfate air dryer structure diagram as follows:
Ammonium sulphate pneumatic dyers
Ammonium sulphate dyers
    Above about Ammonium sulphate pneumatic dyers。
    As a conventional drying equipment, the air flow dryer has the characteristics of short drying time and high thermal efficiency. But because the equipment itself is larger, the cost of the whole drying is increased. In addition, the rapid flow rate makes the product particles have a certain damage, in the initial period of drying will be sticky wall and other issues.
    3 Fluidized bed dryer: vibration fluidized bed drying equipment is the main drying machine. The feed inlet of the drying ammonium sulfate material self - flow bed dryer enters the drying chamber, and the movement of the vibration motor is under the action of the vibration motor. Hot air and materials for the full heat exchange, the continuous movement of the heating area of ammonium sulfate material is larger, to accelerate the process of evaporation of water. The material to the discharge port, complete drying. After a two - stage cyclone filter, the wet air is discharged into the atmosphere. The fluidized bed structure diagram as follows:
Structure diagram of ammonium sulphate fluidized bed drying equipment
Ammonium sulphate drying equipment
    The structure diagram of fluidized bed.
    Fluidized bed own some advantages to handle with ammonium sulphate:Low cost、small are covered、low drying cost.Material in the dry period of stay is shorter (the user can adjust the residence time of ammonium sulfate in the fluidized bed), is not easy to occur in the wall. The current fluidized bed dryer is the first choice for the treatment of ammonium sulfate drying equipment!
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