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Atrazine dryers
It can be called atelajin,Atrazine,is one common herbicide.In sorghum, sugar cane, corn and other crops are used with Atrazine weed control,Effect of high yield and stable yield of grain crops.About Atrazine dryers,Our company had talked Selection of pesticide drying equipment.Indeed, the synthetic process of atrazine, which need drying powder of atrazine. General atrazine to Tianjin wet material moisture content is about 25%, consider to atrazine drying characteristics, as well as the domestic pesticide production status, of atrazine to Jin drying drying equipment selection is a link in the whole production process is more important.
` Atrazine drying machine
Along with the development of domestic drying technology, there is a great development in the field of agriculture.just like Insecticidal double drying machineMancozeb dryersTricyclazole drying equipment and Sodium dichloroisocyanurate drying machine,All the use of modern drying technology applied to the traditional production process, improve the product quality, shorten the production cycle of the product.kinds of pesticide drying equipment is more and more,how to choose Atrazine drying equipment?In other words, how the selection of atrazine dryer? At present, atrazine drying is mainly adopted in flash dryer for drying of atrazine. Flash drying equipment the earliest is by the Danish company invention into China in the nineties of the last century has been rapid development.At present flash drying machine can be used Auramine O drying machineSilica drying machine二氧化硅anthranilic acid dryersMolecular sieve drying machine分子筛and so on.Atrazine in drying process is simply described as: wet higher content of atrazine from the inlet into the flash dryer within the host, fall into the crushing chamber. Flash at the bottom of the host machine high speed rotation of the grinding blade will crush atrazine. Hot air from the blower in the tangential direction into a flash evaporator, atrazine particles blowing. Atrazine spiral movement upward in the hot air blowing. In the process of this movement, by atrazine shear and friction, heat transfer, drying process. Dry powder atrazine turn through the classifier, small particles of atrazine in gas solid separation device for separating; atrazine large particles due to the large centrifugal force is rising along the inner wall of the flash host, so it is not through the classifier. These large particles of atrazine to fall into the crushing chamber, and the process is repeated until the classifier into next step aggregate link. It also realizes the control of atrazine dried product size. The dry goods are carried out by the cyclone separator, and then the tail gas treatment is carried out by the bag filter and the water spray dust remover. Equipment structure is as follows:
Atrazine drying machine
Above is Atrazine drying machine,among 1-Twisted dragon feed;2-Host;3-Classifier(can be called elutriation ring);4-Cyclone separator;5-Bin;6-Bag filter;7-Water spray dust remover;
Atrazine flash drying machine
It is drawed above about Atrazineflash drying machine's parts,Including feeding equipment, dryer, tail gas treatment, product collection. Flash drying equipment as the main products, has a more flexible design. Different material drying, design of flash dryer is the corresponding change.Just likeCryolite drying machine and Organic cobalt salt drying machine,Our company is the use of flash drying equipment out of the ordinary. Design to Tianjin flash dryer in atrazine, which have special design? We briefly discusses the main components of atrazine were flash dryer:
1 Feed equipment: for atrazine dry feeder for the twin screw screw feeder. The idea of using the twin screw in order to avoid because of the wet material viscosity is too large, resulting in the caking situation.
2 Lower mixing chamber:common setting Atrazine drying machine,Inside a high-speed rotating blade. Is the role of atrazine wet mixing, in order to be broken, hot air blowing. The setting angle and the blade material need special design, so as to avoid the occurrence of atrazine to Tianjin adhesion drying equipment failure, resulting in the blade.
3 Classification: also known as the elutriation ring, placed at the top of atrazine host drying equipment. Atrazine flash drying equipment is about 1000mm cylinder, is the main place of atrazine dry. The classifier is an inspection device for dry goods. Elutriation ring can effectively control the atrazine from the dry room moisture and particle size. The classifier is the inside radius of the design difficulties, although when the classifier in the smaller hole, atrazine particle size is also smaller. But when the classifier in the hole radius is too small, it will cause the atrazine particle size increases. Appear such problems mainly because when the radius of classifier is reduced, resulting in the improvement of drying chamber of axial velocity, leading to an increase in rotation to the air drag force, causing the atrazine Tianjin large particles through the phenomenon of small aperture elutriation ring.
4 Closed feeding system and exhaust gas treatment system: in atrazine Jin drying equipment in, cyclone separator and cloth bag dust remover is as material, the water spray dust remover is exhaust treatment effect. Flash drying equipment is different from other dryer, the gas velocity is larger, receiving has been the soft underbelly of flash dryer. In particular, the leakage of small particles of material dust is very common. In the drying of atrazine, cyclone separator and cloth bag dust remover for double aggregate, powder collecting rate can reach 99%. The addition of water spray dust removal device can be used in most of the dust recovery.
Atrazine dryers
Our sample consists of workshop,carried out simulation experiment about Atrazine with many material.just like Magnesium oxide dryers and Nanometer calcium carbonate drying machine纳米碳酸钙.In the process of atrazine drying, simulation experiment has been carried out using flash drying equipment drying of atrazine. The best parameters for drying of atrazine by orthogonal test method:
Inlet temp:170℃;
Outlet temp:75℃;
Air speed:5.07m/s;
Speeding rate:1031.4kg/h;
Our company is specialized in the design of atrazine drying machine, technical scheme can provide for you free of atrazine dry.If you want to learn more Atrazine to order our drying machine,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359!

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