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Konjak drying machine_Common problems and Solutions of Konjak drying machine

Time:2015-11-02  Creator:Yi Du

    Konjak is common plant in China.Its scientific name can be many kinds,just like:LeiGong Qiang and so on.Konjac of many benefits, can alleviate the symptoms of three high, on cardiovascular disease, disease of digestive tract have obviously help. At the same time, a great choice is konjac beauty, slimming.
    Drying technology of konjak powder processing
    With Konjac as raw material after processing the konjac flour market demand is very high.At present we have two drying method of our company ——Dry process and wet process.And drying is most common one.
    The mainly porcess of drying technology:The drying technology for drying process of fresh konjac konjac tablets, after grinding method to extract konjac powder.
    The problem of drying konjak
   After many trials, we found that the process of drying of the product will appear more serious product quality problems. Is black, browning, konjac burnt, uneven drying. Why are these problems, how to avoid these problems? After many experiments and analysis, we found that if the dry temperature of the dry time is reasonable, the phenomenon will not happen.
    Test conclusion of drying konjak
    1 In the primary stage of drying, the drying curve is almost linear, the slope is the drying rate of the film. We also found that there was a significant period of constant velocity and deceleration in the process of drying.
    2 Hot air flow has a very important influence. The trend of the drying curve is the same as before. But the wind is increased, the drying curve is more steep konjac. When the hot air flow rate increases, the drying rate increases, and the drying period of the dried is shortened.
    3 The temperature of hot air also affects the length of the drying period.
    4 The different between konjak.After different samples of the sample, we found that the drying curve can also be different. The main types of the species and their origin, dry before the water and other parameters.
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