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Soda drying machine_Sodium carbonate drying equipment_Natrium carbonicum dryers

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    What is Soda
    Its scientific name is sodium carbonate,and it can be called as natrium carbonicum and prunella sodae .Its chemical formula is Na2CO3,it is strong electrolyte.It is very important raw material of chemical,in daily chemical, building materials, food processing, textiles, medicine plays a very important role.
    Present situation of soda dryers
    At present,in the drying process of soda,While the heavy soda is used in rotary drying equipment price boiling Soda Cooling process. We on the drying process of soda ash at home and abroad research, design a fluidized bed drying equipment for baking soda ash of new drying technology.
    Soda fluidized bed drying equipment
    This kind of fluidized bed dryer is only designed and made by our company,The size about 8000mm×2000mm×17000mm(The equipment is used for testing the machine and the actual size of the machine is changed. Design and production, the size of the fluidized bed drying equipment need to be sent to the air pressure, pressure to match.).There are four parts of equipment:Bellows, air distributor, heating system and gas hood.
    Cloth wind plate and the upper part of the layering must ensure the sealing, the soda ash fall into the bellows in the drying process. At the same time, do not need to inhibit wind speed, to avoid because of wind speed caused by high resistance is too large and layering wear. The heating system as a heat source of soda drying equipment, its design needs to increase the heating area as much as possible. From the outside of the heavy alkali material accumulation of material in the area, humidity is bigger, need more air quantity; the gap between the heating pipe need to design a bigger than before, in order to reduce the blockage of the alkali ball. In the production of the heater, the serpentine tube should be avoided as much as possible a welding interface, so as to avoid the leakage situation. Gas mask cross section need to consider to the tail gas carrying material box can be designed for a plurality of air chambers, of each air chamber set separately in the air. When the soda drying appeared in the process of channeling, drift, slugging conditions timely adjustment, in order to achieve the fluidization state. Bilingual control
    Soda drying machine
    At present, there are two kinds of process of heavy alkali production in China: steam rotary calcination furnace + boiling cooling, boiling and cooling. The first kind has gradually been eliminated, the main reason lies in the high cost of rotary kiln, the area of the larger, in the production process of higher operating costs. The process will be divided into two large frame, which is the result of the process of calcination and cooling, the growth of the drying process, the need to design the large frame, and the fine powder is very difficult to return to the hydration process. The second method is to use the above mentioned soda boiling fluidized bed dryer. Changzhou edoo drying equipment Co. Ltd. design heavy soda ash fluidized bed drying equipment flow chart is shown as follows:
Process of heavy soda ash fluidized bed drying machine
    The above picture about process of heavy soda ash fluidized bed drying machine.The drying process can be see from Animation demo of drying equipment沸腾干燥机动画
    The size of heavy soda drying eqipment is 3000×2000×8500;caoling part's size about 1000×2000×8500;Dry section heat exchange area 360;Cooling section heat exchange area 130;Air supply rate 24000m³/h;pressure 45kPa;Pulse bag dust collector 40000m³/h.About the size,you can see Drawing of fluidized bed沸腾干燥机图纸
    Sodium carbonate drying machine
    In the process of production of soda ash we found that the whiteness of soda will change. The cause of whiteness of dense soda that change is what? From the period of drying, temperature and gas flow is influence of whiteness of soda. The influence of gas flow, when the temperature is low, high flow, high whiteness of dense soda drying out.
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