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Glyphosate drying machine_Glyphosate drying equipment

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     Glyphosate drier equipment
     Glyphosate is common herbicide.The drying process requires 4 steps: mixing, granulating, drying and sieving.Related to the equipment are: trough type mixing machine, granulating machine, dryer (glyphosate + dry cooling) and vibrating screen. According to the requirements of the production of glyphosate, it is appropriate to choose a suitable mixing machine for the production of glyphosate. It is suitable for the mixing of powder particles with high viscosity and good stability. It can be used in a relatively stable operation. It can be used in a very short time to get a homogeneous mixture. The mixture is mild, and it is not easy to destroy the raw material. The machine is compact in structure, loading coefficient, space and function units for a small area, easy to clean.
     Glyphosate drying equipment
     In the early stage of the selection of glyphosate drying equipment, the calculation of glyphosate drying is needed:
     Calculating water consumption:Wwater=89kg/h;
     Calculating amount of treatment: Wamount=589kg/h;
     Dehydration heating: Q1=2.82×104 kcal/h;
     Production temp: Q2=3.3×104 kcal/h;
     Heater loss: Q3=1.22×104 kcal/h;
     Calculating mass flow: G=10390kg/h;
     Requirment of heating:Qdry=24×104 kcal/h;
     Checking exhaust moisture content: x2=0.0094kg-water /kg-dried,the air enthalpy humidity chart shows that the air temperature is 75℃, The corresponding wet bulb temperature is tw2=15℃,t2-tw2=60℃,more than 20~50℃,c an not guarantee the condensation, then the exhaust temperature setting is good.
     Glyphosate dryers
      According to our company for many years of experience, as well as similar materials in the vibration fluidized bed production practice, set the drying unit of glyphosate for 4 minutes,Average spreading thickness is 3~4cm。The volume of the material to be processed per hour about V=1.365m3; Batches of glyphosate per hour P=12 batch,every batch need handle with Vbatch=0.11m3/batch; According to the average thickness of material 3.0cm,and dry cell bed area is S=3.65㎡。according above testing,Combined with the standard model and relevant standards, determine the use of Yi dryer to meet the production capacity, the specific model for: ZLG6×0.75 series fluidized bed drying machine,amount is 1 sets.Detailed see《Selection of drying equipment》The opening rate of the bed and gas hole velocity control in general about 3~10%,Perforated gas velocity is 10~16m/s。About the perforated gas velocity of material can be control at 12~15m/s(or get 12 m/s),open porosity of bed about ε5.2%; Drying air rate about Ldry=12636m3/h.One blower,series about 4-72  7.5KW,one set induced draft fan, series is 9-26,18.5KW。The dry bed cyclone separator is equipped with a long conical cyclone, which is suitable for the separation of fine dust and small concentration,series is CZT-2×φ900。
     Fluidized bed drying machine
     The final selection of processing circulating fluidized bed granulation coating machine, its advantage is:
     1 Equipment operation is convenient, stable, with strict interlocking function, not to produce false operation.
     2 Cleaning methods for cylinder cleaning, dust cleaning work to achieve continuous, continuous flow of cleaning, avoid dead bed.
     3 Can reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the cost by reducing the manual operation.
     4 The equipment has fan damper adjustment, dry granulation, coating for glyphosate.
     5 Take the closed circular structure, no dead ends, easy to clean and fast, no cross contamination, in accordance with GMP standards.
     6 The flow of swirl into the wind structure, in the case of the normal flow of the material to reduce the boiling height. So as to reduce the pressure of bag dust removal. In addition glyphosate in the bed in the rotation of the movement, so that the particle strength is good, the surface is smooth.
Glyphosate drying equipment
Glyphosate drying equipment
Glyphosate drying machine
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