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L-Arabia sugar drying technology

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    Apply of L-Arabia sugar
    L-Arabia sugar can be called as Arabinose, in fruits, the ingredients are some coarse grains in shell. It is understood,it had been ate L-Arabia sugar thousand years.With the continuous development of science and technology, scientists have found that L- Arabia sugar can effectively prevent hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, diabetes,they are “Modern disease”.L- Arabia sugar, in addition to the prevention of disease, in other areas is also a broad prospect. As in a baking process, add the material, can reduce because of excessive ingestion of sugar and lead to obesity, and can meet the requirements of taste; similarly, in beverages with added in, instead of the traditional sugar, using L-arabinose, makes drink more healthy. In addition, the L- Arabia sugar as raw material for the production of drugs, the treatment of hepatitis has a very good effect, and the side effect is small.
    L-Arabia sugar drying porcess
    Drying L-Arabia sugar,Its traditional production process is first to semi cellulose as raw material for hydrolysis, the purpose is to improve the proportion of sugar in the hydrolysis of Arabia, after the process of purification, separation, crystallization, drying to obtain L- Arabia sugar.
    Due to the continuous improvement of product quality requirements, production requirements, new L- Arabia sugar production process is also continuously put into production, mainly by enzymatic decomposition; continuous chromatography separation technology. These all need to go through the drying process. So, what are the main requirements of L- Arabia sugar drying?Choose which kinds Drying machine dry L-Arabia sugar?We recommend ——our company designL-Arabia sugar profeessional fluidized bed drying equipment
    L-Arabia sugar could be dried with fluidized bed
    Arabia sugar wet material from the feed inlet into the fluidized bed drying machine, the vibration caused by the vibration of the motor to promote the material up and down the jump, and continuously to the feeding mouth movement. Air passes through the filter to heat, enter the drying room, and Arabia sugar wet material contact. As the material is continuously up and down, the contact area of the hot air is increased, and the drying rate is accelerated.Detailed see《Animation of fluidized bed drying machine
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Apply of L-Arabia sugar: L-Arabia sugar can be called as Arabinose, in fruits, the ingredients are some coarse grains in shell. It is understood,it had b


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