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Vegetable seed drying machine_Seed drying equipment

Time:2015-11-03  Creator:Yi Du

    Vegetable seed drying technology
    Common plant seeds can be divided into 2 categories, that is, cereal seeds and vegetables. The corn, soybean, rice, and vegetable seeds are the seeds of the corn, vegetables and vegetables. At present, there have been a lot of progress in the drying technology of grain seeds in China and abroad.We will share with《Condition of coin drying》 and 《Bean drying machine》.Because of the variety of vegetable seeds, the structure difference is bigger, the drying technology is currently a blank. We use the test sample of our company to test the dry parameter of the vegetable seed. Among them, the use of drying equipment system as shown below.
    Seed drying equipment
Sketch of vegetable seed drying equipment
    The above is about vegetable seed drying machine.Among 1-Air blower;2-Humidifier;3-Heating device;4-Host;5-Samples of vegetable seeds;6-Electronic tray;7-Fixed ropes;8-Electronic balance;9-Radiation device;10-Control temp machine;11-Breeze meter machine;12-Data collection equipment.
    Due to China own huge area,north and south of the climate vary greatly.So in the test increase humidifier, to simulate the climate in the south. Test of radiation drying of vegetable seed idea, so increasing the radiator, in order to compare and hot air drying. The data collection equipment is mainly collected in the dry process of the dry bulb, wet bulb temperature, seed surface and internal temperature, and the breeze meter collection of material surface wind speed.
    Vegetable seed samples were selected from Chinese cabbage seed, the moisture content of the sample was 13.5%, and the thickness of the material layer was 5mm. At the same drying temperature, different drying methods (dry, hot air drying and hot air drying) are used. Under the same heating mode, the temperature of different drying medium is used to test the temperature of different drying media.
    Vegetable seed drying technology
    Through above testing,we get the experience as the following:
    1 The method of combining infrared radiation drying and hot air drying method has lower moisture content and higher germination rate. Compared with the hot air drying method, the drying effect is better.
    2 The proper use of the humidifier, can ensure vegetable seed drying equipment is not affected by climate restrictions. For different climate, are required to adjust the humidifier.
    3 The critical safe temperature of vegetable seed was related to its initial moisture content and drying period.

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