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Bean dregs drying equipment_Bean dregs drying machine

Time:2015-11-03  Creator:Yi Du

    Soybean is one of the most important crops in China.Above about 《Soybean drying machine》,We have shared the dry method of soybeans. Along with the increasing amount of soybean processing in China, resulting in a large number of bean dregs.
    Soybean dregs, soybean processing derivatives, and rich in vitamins, calcium, dietary fiber, low price in soybean. If the processing of soybean dregs is not only improve the added value of soybean, reduce the production cost, but also the environmental protection.
    Bean dregs drying machine
    For the type of equipment is more residue dehydration, we have used flash dryer, dryer for high voltage electric field test. After proper debugging of bean dregs dryer, can be in accordance with the requirements of bean curd products.
    The fresh bean dregs with high water content, under proper temperature metamorphic characteristics, which requires the whole drying cycle should be as short as possible.Our company can get the idea from《Chrysanthemum dryers_Chrysanthemum microve-pneumatic series drying equipment》,in the basic of hot air drying machine,with microwave drying method.Using the method with microve-hot air drying machine,analysis data.get data as the following:

Bean dregs drying diagram of different microve power
    Different diagram with bean dregs of drying machine
Bean dregs station in different microve power
    Bean dregs station in different microve power
    Bean dregs drying machine
    After the above tests, the relevant parameters of the equipment can be determined. Microwave drying time is 4 minutes, the power is 80w. The hot air drying, the drying time is 75 minutes, the drying medium temperature is 106℃.
    Using microve-hotair drying machine to dry bean dregs,it own the character of high effect and high quality and so on.After many time s testing it can be stable performance.
Bean dregs drying machine
Bean dregs drying machine
Bean dregs dryers
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