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Avermectin drying machine_Avermectin flash drying equipment_Avermectin dryers

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    Avermectin drier
    Avermectin is common pesticides and pest.Our company have rich experience in industry of drying machine,had dseign many production for some factory in china about Net scavenging drying equipment.In the process of drying, we studied the process of domestic production, and carried out several simulation experiments. The extraction method was optimized by the method of the process, and then increased the drying process, the effect of the process was to reduce the whole production cost. In the process of drying, the flash dryer for drying and dewatering.Flash dryers is hot drying machine in our company,own the character of fast drying and high effect,and it is famous and common drying machine.As the first product drying machine factory ——YiDu,has been flash drying technology development as its mission, for many enterprises tailored for drying engineering production process, and achieved good results. In the selection of drying, the company has fully referenced the experience of the previous company design, and the characteristics of the drying process, with the theoretical and experimental basis.
    Avermectin drying machine
    Use in dry flash drying technology, the technology in the eighties of the last century was introduced into our country, obtained the considerable development. After my company using sample workshop experimental type flash drying equipment simulation of avermectin drying experiment found that the drying process is only 5-8 seconds, the water content of the obtained powder to below 3% (the drying equipment inlet air temperature and air temperature adjustment to further reduce moisture content), particle size distribution, fineness better.
    The character of Avermectin drying machine
    1 Dry indoor air speed is high, the residence time is short, can be a uniform drying of the product, eliminating the need for crushing, screening.
    2 In the dry equipment, the interior of the material is equipped with a grading ring and a swirling flow sheet, the fineness of the material and the final moisture can be adjusted. Special sub air device, reducing the resistance of dry equipment, and effectively improve the dry uniformity of the material.
    3 A special cooling device and air pressure seal are arranged on the bottom of the dryer, which avoids the deterioration of the material in the high temperature zone.
    4 It can effectively control the final moisture and fineness, through the feeding, hot air temperature, the regulator to ensure that the moisture content and fineness uniformity.
    The picture of Avermectin drying machine
Avermectin drying machine

Avermectin dryers
    The above about Avermectin drying machine,if you want to order or learn more about this drying equipment,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359!

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