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Ammonium phosphate powder drying machine_Ammonium phosphate fertilizer drying equipment_Powder Ammon

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What is ammonium phosphate
Ammonium phosphate is a kind of common fertilizer, mainly monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate. Ammonium phosphate chemical formula (NH4)PO4·3H2O. Ammonium phosphate is widely used, as a kind of high concentration fertilizers, suitable for all kinds of crops and soil.
Powder Ammonium phosphate drying machine
n fertilizer industry, granular fertilizer has certain advantages. Such as not easy to happen, good liquidity, high mechanical strength, not easy to damage, etc.. In the process of ammonium phosphate production, mainly to dry granulation, ammonium phosphate slurry is obtained after the finished product. After entering the drying section of concentrated ammonium phosphate slurry containing water of about 30%, after entering the atomizer, in under the action of the compressed air atomization and spray to material screen (AP product particles serve as, or is the return of semi dry goods) on. Ammonium phosphate particles in continuous spray particle size increased gradually, in the role of hot air and flow into the water evaporation. Finally, through the belt conveyor into the next section of the weight of the packaging process.
Ammonium phosphate fertilizer spherodizer drying equipment
It like Ammonium phosphate dryers,In the process of drying the slurry is mainly used for drying and spray granulation drying equipment. The device structure is shown below:
Ammonium phosphate fertilizer spherodizer drying equipment
Above about Ammonium phosphate powder dryers.Among 1-Drying machine;2-Cleaning town;3-Gas fan;4-Cyclone separator;5-Bucket elevator;6-Vibration sieve;7-Mill;8-Belt conveyor (dry goods);9-Belt conveyor (return);
The surface of solid particles using ammonium phosphate spherodizer drying equipment was very smooth, high mechanical strength. The impurities in wet process phosphoric acid (such as iron, aluminum, etc.) all contribute to forming ammonium phosphate particles. The back feeding device can be produced by the fine powder granulation of ammonium phosphate returned to the drying chamber as granulation base. It takes attention to the tail gas treatment process,in the process of DAP drying machine to handle with extract gas is not effect!
Ammonium phosphate fertilizer spherodizer drying equipment
In the process of using ammonium phosphate spherodizer drying equipment, the atomization effect of ammonium phosphate slurry directly affects the drying effect. Such as atomizer selecting or setting error causes the rate of grain decreased, the inner wall of scar. And the use of the fluidized granulation drying process can avoid this situation.
Ammonium phosphate flow granulation drying equipment is the ammonium phosphate slurry spray in fluidized moving particles, so as to achieve the effect of drying and granulation. After the nebulizer into small droplets as a binder will combine some fine particles into larger particles. The device structure is shown below:
Ammonium phosphate fertilizer spherodizer drying equipment
The picture above is about Ammonium phosphate fertilizer spherodizer drying equipment.among 1-Barrel;2-Feed speed controller;3-Hot blast stove A;4-Hot air oven B;5-High pressure fan;6-spherodizer drying equipment;7-Air blower;8-Air conditioning valve A;9-Air conditioning valve B;10-Cooling system;11-Cyclone separator;12-Pneumatic conveying device;13-Bucket elevator;14-Vibration sieve;15-Crusher;16-Hopper;17-Washing tower;18-Storage tank;19-Pump;20-Induced draft fan;21-Cyclone separator;
The woking principle of drying machine:Air passes through the filter into the hot air stove for heating, through the high pressure air blower into the drying room. The barrel storage of ammonium phosphate slurry, flowing through the feed speed controller into spray fluidized granulating dryer top airblast atomizer atomized. The ammonium phosphate droplets atomized by hot air and heat exchange. Ammonium phosphate particles through fluidized bed drying and the need to go through the cooling device for cooling the removal of fine powder. After the adoption of the vibration sieve, the finished product can be sent out for drying section of a weighing packaging; not through the vibration sieve coarse grain size of ammonium phosphate powder need after crusher after return to the vibration sieve for sieving. Exhaust gas produced by fluidized bed need through a cyclone separator, filter, exhaust gas after being filtered into the washing in the washing tower, the pump can be the material storage groove in the solution is delivered to a washing tower recycling exhaust gas washing, when a droplet concentration reached after into the barrel. The cyclone separator is collected and the fine powder is transported back into the fluidized bed by pneumatic conveying device.
In the drying process of ammonium phosphate, using spray fluidized granulation dryer has a larger advantage, main performance for: phase inter contact area is large, the effect of heat and mass transfer in good; the advantages of low equipment investment, equipment has granulation and dry dual function.
Powder Ammonium phosphate drying machine
In ammonium phosphate fertilizer, powdered products still occupy a certain market. Due to the drying of the material for the good fluidity of paste, so generally used spray dryer for preparation of ammonium phosphate powder. The structure of the device is as follows:
Powder Ammonium phosphate drying machine
The above is about Powder Ammonium phosphate drying machine.Among 1-High slurry tank;2-Feed filter;3-Host town;4-Cyclone separator;5-Induced draft fan;6-Washing tower;7-Hot air oven;8-Belt conveyor;
The ammonium phosphate slurry drying is not complicated, the use of spray dryer in the production process more convenient. Ammonium phosphate powder spray drying process and the drying process is similar, so no longer tired. In the drying process need to say is the ammonium phosphate powder moisture content (i.e. the final product water) more than 4% will be blocking; and less than 2% will cause Feiyang powder in the packaging and transportation process in. The air temperature of the spray dryer can be set at 120-130℃, and the water content of the product can be ensured.
Ammonium phosphate atomizer spray drying equipment have more choice. Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty drying laboratory use centrifugal atomizer, pressure atomizer and airblast atomizer were ammonium phosphate spray drying experiment and found three types of atomization equipment meet the requirements. And the lower pressure atomizer operating power consumption, but need to be equipped with high-pressure pump (expensive), the latter part of the maintenance cost is higher; and airblast atomizer kinetic energy consumption larger; use of centrifugal atomizer spray drying need to increase the diameter of the main tower.In the spray drying process,Through The calculation method of the size of the atomizer喷雾干燥雾化器种类 and with actual situation.
Choose hot air oven of drying Ammonium phosphate
We said above by spray drying equipment for the production of ammonium phosphate powder, wherein the heat source equipment is used in hot blast stove. The heating drying process of ammonium phosphate powder mainly has three kinds:
1 The flue gas of coal fired hot blast stove is used as the drying medium;
2 Heat air in the heat exchanger of a steam boiler is used as the drying medium;
3 The flue gas of the hot blast stove is used for indirect heating, which acts as a drying medium.
In the process of spray drying equipment with choosing heating,See Comparison of the thermal efficiency of the spray dryer with the matching of coal fired hot air stove and Choose heater of drying machine.Although the use of flue gas as drying medium with equipment investment cost low, easy to operate, and other advantages, but due to the flue gas mixed in certain coal ash powder, mixed clip to ammonium phosphate powder cause gray hair products. It is generally not recommended to use the flue gas as the drying medium.We can use one drying method with hot air oven with auto-Control.

We usually call the sodium silicate as solution water glass.It can made of silica gel and silica(as 《Spray dryer processing of Bai Tanhei》 had been talked)Z


Drying potassium phosphate machine Potassium phosphate is called as Tripotassium Orthophosphate,Phosphoricacid and Tri-Potassium Orthophosphate,


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