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Polyamide(Nylon) dryers

Time:2015-11-04  Creator:Yi Du

    Nylon is common material,it is commonly called as Polyamide.At the beginning, the polyamide was found and used by a foreign company in the industry. With the continuous development of the material, more types of nylon material is also developed. Main include: reinforced nylon, monomer casting nylon, aromatic nylon and amorphous transparent nylon, etc.. The application of polyamide materials is also gradually from the industry to the medical, polyamide can also be mixed with other polymers, to further broaden the scope of application.
    In the drying process of Polyamide,it need to be dried,how to choose drying equipment?Just like “Customer's drying equipment selection feedback form”,According to the characteristics of the polyamide, select the appropriate drying equipment. For further explanation, we share the process of drying of polyamide (nylon).
    At first we should explain about polyamide:
    1 Moisture content before drying about 4% to 10%,after drying it should been 0.1%.So we should set to about 0.1%,and it is deside by the character of material.The moisture content in the adsorption of polyamide is changed into a plasticizer, which makes the bulk of the bulk of the increase in hardness and strength.
    2 Setting of drying temperature. The heat resistance of the material is about 75℃, so the temperature and the drying time should be considered in the design of drying equipment. The choice of a low dew point dry medium is an effective solution.
    3 Selection of drying equipment. The most common drying equipment in drying is a vacuum rotary dryer.(Above about Powder and crystalline drug of drying machine粉状与晶状药物干燥设备had used vacuum drum drying machine to dry material) used vacuum drum drying equipment,and we can set the temp to 70 to 80℃,and through the drying tmie,it is common about 10 to 24 hours.
    4 The latest drying technology for treating polyamide materials: because of the use of polyamide materials, some of them are very high quality requirements, often vacuum rotary drying equipment can not meet the requirements. Such as polyamide in low humidity content of oxidation degradation, discoloration at high temperatures using the traditional drying equipment, the drying time is too long, make the drying effect is poor. After many experiments of our company, we found that the material can be prevented from oxidation by using horizontal fluidized bed under inert gas. The dry time is shortened to 0.5 hours, and the energy consumption is only about 20% of the conventional drying equipment.
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