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Pepper drying machine_Pepper dryers

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    Apply of Pepper drying oven:
    In order to facilitate the transportation of the pepper, it is needed to control the water content in the process of processing the pepper. Drying and drying of hot pepper is necessary.At present we dried pepper with porfeesional drying machine or belt drying machine。We have a lot of experience in the hot pepper drying process, but also for many enterprises to design hot pepper drying equipment, the main hot pepper drying machine and hot pepper special belt dryer.
    Pepper drying machine:
    Hot pepper dryer equipment is mainly composed of heat source equipment, fans, drying room, pipeline and so on. Heat source is generally used in hot air stove. The working principle of hot pepper drying machine is: the drying medium (air) through the hot air stove to heat the air through the air to enter the drying chamber, hot pepper in the drying chamber and the hot air to make full contact, complete the drying process. Wet air is excluded from the fans, fresh hot air into the drying chamber, the effect of continuous drying. Hot air contact area reached 30 square meters, its dry speed of up to about 50kg per hour. (according to the different output, we can choose other types of our company's pepper drying machine, increase the output. Using hot pepper drying machine, which is characterized by a large amount of single batch processing, the drying effect is good, the natural shape and color of the pepper is maintained, the drying is also very uniform and the energy consumption is lower.
    Pepper professional drying equipment:
    The pepper is sent to the belt of the belt type dryer by feeding equipment. The mesh belt is sent to the drying equipment for drying by the transmission device. The main unit of the whole belt dryer is composed of several independent drying units.(Detailed see《Other structure of band dryers》),Each unit has an independent hot air circulation system, the hot air from the upper and lower in different directions through the mesh belt of hot pepper material, moisture from the wet air blower. The running speed of the belt drying equipment in the dryer can be adjusted freely, and the water content of the pepper can be satisfied. The biggest characteristic of the use of the special type of pepper is to control the heat. It is simple to control, and the dry fast and the amount of the treatment is bigger and the drying effect is better.
    Pictures of Pepper drying equipment(Live)
Pepper drying machine

Pepper drying equipment

Pepper dryers

Pepper drying equpment
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