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Magnesium oxide drying machine_High purity and high activity magnesium oxide flash dryers

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Magnesium oxide dryers
High purity and high activity magnesia is mainly used in the production of rubber, paint, medicine and advanced ceramic components.The process of preparing magnesium oxide is numerous, and the general method is to use pyrolysis method to swirl the dynamic calcination process. The technical difficulty of the process is that it is dry. Magnesium Oxide drying equipment selection of spin flash dryer!
High purity and high activity magnesium oxide flash dryers
Flash drying equipment is the most common dryer of domestic drying industry, in the eighties of the last century was introduced into our country, and then got considerable development.At present,flash drying equipment Auramine dryersSilica dryers二氧化硅Pesticides dryersIron oxide black dryers all had been widely used.In the drying process of Magnesium Oxide, flash dryer structure as shown below:
Magnesium oxide drying equipment
The above picture is about magnesium oxide drying machine.
Flash dryer is to dry materials (usually solid) in the state of fluidization drying. Magnesium Oxide flash drying equipment has dispersed, drying, classification and other functions. Magnesium oxide wet first of all need to enter the calcining furnace to calcine, after entering the flash dryer, is at the bottom of the blade is crushed into granules. The hot air will be mixed with the material, and the particles in the mechanical dispersion can be changed into a double swirl flow state, and the moisture content in the magnesium oxide particles is evaporated. The dry product is separated by the cyclone separator, and the tail gas is filtered by the bag filter.
Magnesium oxide drying equipment
In the process of Magnesium Oxide dry, is mainly used for drying Magnesium Oxide flash dryer. Flash dryer drying equipment is one of our main production, applicable to all kinds of cream, cake like material! The characteristics of Magnesium Oxide flash dryer is fast drying speed, low energy consumption, good drying effect. Company set up under the drying test chamber with the flash dryer, such as you need buy flash drying equipment, or to choose material drying equipment, can bring to our test!Free sample Tel:13809072359!Our company(ChangZhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.) design and manufacture all kinds of flash drying machine!

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