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Polyvinyl alcohol dryers_Polyvinyl alcohol drying machine_PVA paddle dryers

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    Apply of Polyvinyl alcohol
    Polyvinyl alcohol can be called as polyving akohol,simpale name is PVA,it is a very common chemical raw materials. Polyvinyl alcohol use is more extensive, the main application areas for emulsion, coating, paper coating, adhesive production preparation.
    Polyvinyl alcohol drying machine
    In the process of producing, drying is the last and most important process. Since the PVA itself is flammable and explosive and toxic, the selection of drying equipment need to be cautious. Our company as a professional production and design of the dryer, the drying process of the material has a certain experience. My company's own design of many drying machine into production for many years, running smoothly, production and quality are in line with the requirements of the process.
    Poval raking drying equipment
    At present, the main use of rake type dryer.See Flash animation of raking drying machine耙式干燥器flash动画 can learn more about drying polyvinyl alcohol process.Our company has carried on the market investigation to the present polyvinyl alcohol drying profession, found the service PVA rake type dry equipment existence certain question.
    1 Low heat transfer efficiency. At present, the processing capacity of the main stream of polyvinyl alcohol rake type dryer is 1 tons / hour, and the size of the device is large. Dryer cylinder diameter of about 2.8m, length of 30m, the thickness of the inner wall of the 20mm. Such a large device depends on the wall heat transfer, the heat transfer effect is very poor.
    2 Dry chamber dry corner. Many manufacturers of polyvinyl alcohol feedback that the main chamber in the rake type dry corner, mainly concentrated in the temperature measuring point, bearing block and the arm can not reach the place. Due to this type of rake type drying equipment is too long, resulting in a cylinder body itself is not concentric, the distance between the tooth and the cylinder wall is not uniform. This makes the adhesion of the material in the cylinder can not be scraped in time, the more the material the more heat efficiency caused by low impact on the normal production. In addition dry goods will be mixed in the dry and the PVA dry powder. So in general a month or so you need to stop cleaning.
    3 Higher maintenance costs. The bearing of the rake type drying equipment is easy to wear, and the replacement cost is very high. In addition to other parts of the device will be the cause of the vibration and temperature changes in the process of drying and even cracking.
    PVA paddle drying machine
    All the problems in the PVA rake type drying equipment are the limitations of the rake type drying process. The solution can not only carry on the structural transformation to the drying equipment, but choose the other drying process which is more in line with the drying characteristics of the material. We recommend using paddle dryer. The blades used for drying of PVA are composed of two blades, and the structure is as follows:
PVA paddle drying equipment
    The above picture is the drying equipment of the polyvinyl alcohol blade. The whole drying process for: from the superior to PVA filter firstly wet material into a paddle dryer for drying. The blades of the blades are heated in the heat and steam, and the water is evaporated and the water is evaporated and the primary drying is finished. Semi dry goods from the first level of the blade dryer outlet discharge, directly into the two stage blade drying equipment, complete drying. Dry goods need to be screened by a vibrating screen, larger particle size or the occurrence of agglomeration of products from the waste outlet discharge, screening and have to meet the requirements of the polyvinyl alcohol powder weighing packaging and other follow-up processes.
    The structure of paddle drying equipment as the following shown:
Structure digram of PVA paddle drying machine
    The picture above is about Structure digram of PVA paddle drying machine".Among 1-Hot air inlet;2-Rotary joint;3-Motor and reducer;4-Hot axle;5-Paddle;6-Shell;7-Discharging port;8-Feed port;9-peep door;10-Air outlet;11-Upper box body;About it you can browe Animation of paddle dryers空心桨叶干燥机动画演示 and learn something.
    fault of PVA paddle dryers
    There are two kinds of 17-99 type and 17-88 type, and we found that when the drying experiment was carried out, the regular vibration of the equipment was found. After the short of the device, the internal skin of the blade drying equipment has been very serious. There is about 10mm of the material layer on the blade, and the bottom of the device is about 10mm of the material layer. The regular vibration is caused by the lifting of the shaft.
    Our company's test personnel on the 17-99 type and 17-88 type two kinds of polyvinyl alcohol for drying dehydration test, found that the viscosity of PVA type 17-88 is higher, the need to return the amount of material, 17-99 is better. In view of this situation, we put forward the following solutions:
    1 Before drying, the PVA powder is placed in the feed inlet and the back feeding system is turned on.
    2 After entering into the wet material, the material moisture content of the material in the drying equipment of the blades is lower than that of the sticking point.
    3 Dry temperature setting. Drying temperature of 17-88 type polyvinyl alcohol was 135℃, and the PVA type 17-99 was 145℃.
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