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Ammonium phosphate drying town_Ammonium phosphate drying machine_Ammonium phosphate fire fighting po

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Drying technology of ammonium phosphate
It called as the ammonium diacid phosphate,simple name is ammonium.Its molecular formula is NH4H2PO4。It is widely used in the industry,In addition to being used as a fertilizer, it can be used as a fire retardant for paper, wood and fabric, and it is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as a feed additive for the feed additive. The production process is described as follows: phosphate rock and sulfuric acid reaction, first through the solid-liquid separation to get wet. After the wet concentrated and liquid ammonia reaction, generating the slurry after drying, sieving, cooling the powders.
Ammonium phosphate drying town
In the drying process of above steps.It is similar with Choose spray drying machine to dry powder Ammonium phosphate,In the production of powdery ammonium phosphate, the main use of spray drying equipment for drying section. The device structure diagram as follows:
The structure digram of ammonium phosphate spray dryers
Above is about the structure digram of ammonium phosphate spray dryers.
Ammonium phosphate fire fighting powder spray dryers
We share a spray drying tower for drying of ammonium phosphate with two ammonium phosphate. As the extinguishing agent main components & mdash; & mdash; drying process of monoammonium phosphate slurry from the top of the drying tower into drying chamber, the first to be centrifugal atomizer atomized into droplets. Small droplets in the drying tower and the hot air to the full heat exchange, the internal moisture quickly evaporated. At this point the small particles become spherical powder. Dry goods in the bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone separator aggregate buckets to collect; tail gas after the bag dust collector, water curtain dust collector is used to purify the emptying. Because of the decomposition of ammonium phosphate at 100, the temperature of the dry air is less than 100℃.
Handle with exhaust by Ammonium phosphate spray drying machine
In domestic production enterprises, the use of spray drying equipment for drying and dehydration to the number of more. Many enterprises have the problem of spray dry dust removal effect is not good.Just like DAP drying equipment had been the problem in chinese company.The traditional phosphoric acid ammonium spray drying equipment used in the cyclone separator and the dry dust of the settling chamber, in the tail gas, or 20% less than the fine powder. The conventional method is to add a wet dust removal device. But the method is more complex, and it will affect the output. In order to properly solve the problem of tail gas treatment in ammonium phosphate drying process,out compant get the rich experience form Phosphate rock dryers,and carried out many testing,design a new dry bag type dust removal technology. This device structure is shown below:
Ammonium diacid phosphate spray drying machine with handle with exhaust
The above is about Ammonium diacid phosphate spray drying machine with handle with exhaust.Among 1-Three cylinder pump;2-Heating system;3-Ammonium phosphate drying tower;4-Pneumatic butterfly valve;5-Settling chamber;6-Bag filter;7-Induced draft fan;8-Unloading valve;9-Return belt;10-Bulk material library;11-Insulation layer;12-Heating device;
The equipment in the picture is a test sample of our company. The flue gas from the main tower of the 2 spray main tower is in the process of the design. In the actual production, can be divided into a plurality of bag filter to meet production requirements. The tail gas treatment section of the spray drying equipment, due to the ammonium phosphate dry tail gas has certain corrosive, so the section is made of anti-corrosion material. In addition, the external dust collection system adopts insulation package, avoid the occurrence of condensation and condensation.
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