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Calcium hydroxide drying machine_Calcium hydroxide drying equipment

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    What is calcium hydroxide
    The femular is Ca(OH)2,it commonly known as lime. The solubility is changed with the water temperature, which is slightly soluble in water. Calcium hydroxide is widely used, can be used as bleaching powder, raw materials, water softener water disinfection clarifying agent. In addition, calcium hydroxide can balance the acidity of soil, is the common building materials.
    Calcium hydroxide driers
    At present, the domestic production of calcium hydroxide is mainly by lime digestion method. Is calcium oxide (by the calcination of limestone at high temperature after prepared calcium hydroxide solution made by reacting with water, after centrifugal dehydration, drying to prepare. We analyze the characteristics of the relevant characteristics, in the selection of drying equipment, the spray dryer is preferred.
    Calcium hydroxide spray drying machine
    As the following shown is about calcium hydroxide spray drying machine:
Calcium hydroxide drying equipment
    Above about Calcium hydroxide drying equipment.Among :1-Solution tank;2-Feed pump;3-Air filter;4-Air blower;5-Heat exchanger;6-Additive material;7-Creeping pump;8-Spray drying tower;9-Cyclone separator;10-Collector;11-Discharging device;12-Induced draft fan;13-Two stage filter;14-Air blower;15-Heat exchanger.(The equipment for our company test with spray drying unit, in the actual production process of its equipment composition is different)
    Spray dryer for the main product of our company, its structure is simple, short drying cycle, high thermal efficiency.At present pvc Resin drying machine pvc树脂Sodium hyaluronate dryersPoly carboxylic acid water reducing agent dryers聚羧酸减水剂BaiQi dryersChestnut powder dryers had got best effect.If you want to order,welcome to contact us,Tel:13809072359!
Calcium hydroxide drying machine
Calcium hydroxide drying machine
Calcium hydroxide drying equipment
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