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Sodium silicate centrifugal spray drying technology

Time:2015-11-11  Creator:Yi Du

    We usually call the sodium silicate as solution water glass.It can made of silica gel and silica(as Spray dryer processing of Silica白炭黑 had been talked)Zeolite molecular sieve, five water partial sodium silicate, silica sol, silicon layer, and instant powder sodium silicate, potassium silicate sodium silicate products, is the basic raw material of silicon compounds. It can be said that the role of water glass is very wide. How to dry the water glass? Choose which drying equipment to dry?
    Acoeding to Chang Zhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. of many testing,we rencommended sodium silicate centrifugal spray drying technology.
    The water content of the dried water glass is high, generally about 60%, the need to dry to the final moisture content of less than 3%, the evaporation capacity of 750Kg/h. In order to achieve the effect of high efficiency and high efficiency, the choice of direct fired gas stove, and control the air temperature at 350 degrees celsius. Adopt the double dust removal system of the cyclone dust collector and dust bag to ensure the collection of the material. Feeding system adopts the screw pump adjustable automatic feeding, the material into the uniform speed, required less manpower. Feeding system adopts fuzzy control to realize feeding speed and exhaust temperature automatic matching, avoiding the influence of temperature fluctuation on dry and moisture content, so as to keep the moisture content of finished product in need, so as to ensure the quality of finished product.Size of the main tower of drying tower diameter:6M;Weight of twon:13.5M.Selection the type of atomizerLPG-2000;Speed rate:13000rpm;Disc diameter:180mm.(About ,welcome to Atomization mechanism

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