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Corn starch drying machine_Corn starch drying equipment

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    What is corn starch
    Corn starch is also known as corn starch, konjac powder. Corn starch, is a very important ingredient in the west. In addition, corn starch can control blood pressure, protect blood vessels, play a role in reducing blood lipids and cholesterol; corn starch containing a large number of food fiber, for women who need to lose weight is very conducive to weight loss of food, can absorb excess fat from the body.
    Corn starch drying technology
    At present, the production and processing of corn starch is mainly divided into 2 processes, namely, dry and wet process. Which is the dry corn crushing and milling, after repeatedly screening. Wet process is to soak the corn, grinding, fine grinding, washing the final dry corn starch.And,by-products produced during processing,and we can as Corn starch driers to handle with it.
    Corn starch driers
    In the process of corn starch processing, it is necessary to dry and dehydrated.As above 《Starch drying technology》 had been talked about it and discussed.At present,we choosen spray drying machine to dry it.
    The corn starch obtained from the preceding paragraph was a pulp, which had good fluidity. In order to avoid the problem of the dry process of starch, there was a limit to the drying temperature. These factors make the selection of corn starch dryer range is limited, and spray drying equipment is very good to avoid these problems.
    Spray drying equipment for instant dry, corn starch slurry in the feed pump under the action of entering the atomizer. An material into small droplets, the water droplets evaporate in air under the action of. After the completion of the cyclone, the cyclone separator is collected, and the tail gas is filtered through the bag filter.
    Corn starch driers
    With the development of the research on the material characteristics of the domestic corn starch drying machine manufacturers, many new drying equipment gradually occupy the market. The vacuum freeze drying equipment of corn starch, microwave drying equipment, etc., are better than the performance of spray drying in the laboratory. But because of the cost of drying corn starch spray drying equipment, low equipment investment, low requirement, is still in a dominant position in the dry corn starch industry I believe that in the near future, with the Chinese experts and scholars on the new drying technology with continuous skilled, these new drying equipment in drying corn starch industry can be put into actual production, the dried corn starch better quality.
Corn starch drying equipment
Corn starch drying machine
Corn starch drying equipment
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