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Nickel concentrate drying equipment_Nickel concentrate rotary kiln

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Apply of Nickel concentrate
Nickel concentrate refers to the ore containing nickel or nickel compounds. Nickel concentrate can be obtained by smelting nickel and other nickel products. And nickel is a very important raw material in the industry, the application of the field of stainless steel, alloy steel, electronic remote control, anti-corrosion coating.
Nickel concentrate dryers
In the process of smelting process, it is necessary to dry the concentrate.Our company carried out many testing about Metal sulphide concentrate dryers.As the drying process is a high energy consumption and high pollution process in the whole process of smelting, if the selection of the concentrate drying equipment, or the structure of the concentrate dryer will cause the consequences of the product is not up to standard, the pollution is serious, the production cost increases and so on. Our company dry laboratory and technical department for several meetings to discuss the status of nickel concentrate drying research, and put forward the use of new drying equipment for nickel concentrate drying.
Nickel concentrate rotary kiln
The most common drying equipment of nickel concentrate industry is rotary kiln. Rotary kiln dryer can be said to be a more primitive drying equipment, in addition to the nickel concentrate drying process is more common,as Phosphorus gypsum dryers widely used.With the development of drying technology in China, a series of structural transformation, which makes it more suitable for the drying of materials, is also carried out.Just like Refractory dryers耐火材料,conbine with the rotary and Infrared thermal radiation红外热辐射 sreies drying technology.
In the process of nickel concentrate drying, the drying of nickel concentrate wet material from the feed end of rotary kiln into the drying kiln. Set in the inner wall of the copy board will be raised, so that the nickel concentrate and hot air to contact, to speed up the drying rate. The final dry product is discharged from the discharging end, and the drying is finished.
In the process of drying equipment using nickel concentrate rotary kiln, the drying medium is above the temperature of 500℃. Because the use of the dye is coal, in the hot air will carry the coal ash, resulting in the material being contaminated (coal combustion will produce sulfur dioxide, the need to add the desulfurization equipment); in the process of operating rotary kiln, the temperature of the device is difficult to control the largest short board. This also led to the occurrence of nickel concentrate sintering phenomenon occurred frequently. Drying kiln is the use of high temperature hot air convection, evaporation of water in the material. Not only need to provide high heat of hot blast stove, must also be equipped with air, the air inducing device, which caused a surge in the drying system power consumption. According to the research on the material properties, the corrosive gases are produced during the drying process.If drying machine's material干燥设备的材质选用 select wrong,will affect the life. About the reform method of rotary kiln,we can check Reform of Nickel concentrate fluidized bed drying equipment.
Nickel concentrate pneumatic drying equipment
In the nickel concentrate pulp drying, starting with the spray drying equipment for drying. The moisture content of the pulp is about 25%-30%, after spray drying, the moisture content can be reduced to 0.2%.But in the process of drying,Atomizer喷雾干燥雾化器种类 nozzle easy wear;And the drying cost of spray dryer is high (high energy consumption). At present the main airflow dryer instead of spray drying equipment for drying nickel concentrate pulp. The device structure is shown below:
Nickel concentrate pneumatic drying equipment
The above about nickel concentrate pneumatic drying equipment,Among 1-Hot blast stove;2-Belt conveyor;3-Drying kiln;4-Cage mill;5-Air drying line;6-Settling chamber;7-Cyclone separator A;8-Cyclone separator B;9-Buried scraper conveyer;10-Electric dust collector;11-Dry goods hopper;12-Induced draft fan;
As we can see from the chart, flow of nickel concentrate drying equipment is divided into three parts: drying kiln, thrasher and airflow dryer. The air flow drying process of nickel concentrate is as follows: the hot blast furnace is heated by the combustion of coal, and the flue gas is 800-1000℃, and then it is sent to the kiln by cooling to 600℃. The moisture content of the nickel concentrate to be dried is generally below 13%, which is fed into the drying kiln. Drying kiln feed end directly connected squirrel cage thrasher, semi dry products are dispersed as small particles in suspension, the airflow drying to prepare. Particles into the air flow drying equipment for the final step dry, moisture content dropped to 0.3% below. The dry concentrate is collected by the sedimentation chamber and the double cyclone separator, and is transported to the hopper under the action of the buried scraper conveyor.
The advantages:
1 High drying efficiency, high processing capacity;
2 The thermal efficiency of the equipment is high, the evaporation intensity is large;
3 The thermal efficiency of the equipment is high, the evaporation intensity is large;
4 Simple equipment structure, low maintenance cost, small area;
5 Other drying equipment must be equipped with an elevator, and airflow drying equipment for dry goods sent directly to flash furnace top to reduce equipment investment;
6 Powerful, will be dry, crushing, screening together to complete.
Nickel concentrate paddle-disc series drying machine
In the previous paper, the air flow drying system is essentially a combination of the air flow and the dry kiln's want to fuse the combination of drying equipment. After a lot of research, we have found that the combination of paddle drying equipment and disc dryer can be used for the drying of nickel concentrate, and it can also get good drying effect.
As a traditional drying machine, disc drying equipment has the characteristics of small area and high thermal efficiency.our drying machine can be widely used as Barium sulfate dryersFormaldehyde dryersSilica powder dryers硅微粉Desulfurization gypsum dryers,get best effect.
Use of disc dryer to dry the wet material of nickel concentrate can be obtained in accordance with the technical requirements of the nickel concentrate dry goods. However, due to the material itself has a certain viscosity, when the moisture content is higher (water content of more than 15%), it will adhere to the dry plate, the effect of drying. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the need to ensure that the material into the disc drying equipment, the water down to 15% the following.Considered about Paddle drying machine and Nickel concentrate dryers钼精矿 and magnesium sulfate monohydrate dyers solve the problem about sticky,we decided to use the paddle drying equipment with disc dryer of nickel concentrate drying. The device structure is shown below:
Nickel concentrate paddle-disc series drying technology
Abvoe about Nickel concentrate paddle-disc series drying technology.
Using the combined drying equipment, the moisture content of the nickel concentrate with more than 20% of the nickel concentrate can be processed. First entered the paddle drying equipment in a dry, moisture evaporation to 15% below, sending into the disc dryer in the secondary drying. The final dry product is discharged from the bottom of the disc dryer.
The character of drying mchine:
1 Continuous operation, high thermal efficiency;
2 Two kinds of drying equipment for conduction heat transfer in the way, do not need a lot of air to intervene, it is not necessary to carry out the dust removal work;
3 Handling capacity of large, the highest can handle 25t/h nickel concentrate wet material;
4 There will not be a bond in the drying process.;
5 Easy to operate, can change the quality of the product by adjusting the control cabinet.

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