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Honeysuckle extract drying machine

Time:2015-11-11  Creator:Yi Du

    Honeysuckle is a common Chinese herbal medicine, there is the role of heat clearing. With the development of pharmaceutical technology, the research on the deep processing of honeysuckle is also deep.Our company had talked about 《Honeysuckle deep drying processing: Honeysuckle drying equipment金银花深加工》,The feasibility and the influence factors of the process of the treatment of the honeysuckle were described in this paper.
    The traditional way is mainly to honeysuckle decoction, take high doses, can not accurately treat the lesion problem. At present, the traditional Chinese herbal medicine mainly uses the advanced pharmaceutical equipments, and the granules of the effective substances are extracted. Such an approach effectively retains the active ingredients of the drug, and it is easy to use and easy to store.
    Seleection of drying machine about Honeysuckle extract
    Due to the different types of Chinese herbal medicine, the nature of different. General design and manufacture of drying equipment for a class of Chinese herbal medicine.
    Honeysuckle extract drying process:The effective components of honeysuckle were effectively extracted by using the method of enzymatic hydrolysis. ——Chlorogenic acid and flavonoids。After vacuum concentration into the boiling granulating machine and other drugs were added to mixed. The effect of high efficiency is achieved by spray drying technique and the principle of fluidized bed. The lower boiling granulating vertebral growth, the purpose of doing so is to balance the uniformity of particles.
    In the drying process, we find that the evaporation rate of the solution decreases with the increasing of the temperature of the air, and the fine powder is caused by the slow evaporation and the condensation occurs. The average temperature of inlet air temperature is about 80, and the value is based on the stability of chlorogenic acid and flavonoids in this temperature.
    The choice of air volume is also a need to pay attention. We have found that when the gas flow rate is too low, it is a fixed bed, gas velocity is too high for the gas transmission stage.just like《Fluidization phenomenon》From it we can know,air blower of fluidized bed is about 1.4-1.9m³·min-1.In this stage, the air flow rate increases, but the flow pattern is not stable,so we get the common data about 1.5m³·min-1.
    The advantages of honeysuckle extract dryers
    1 Extract of the extract is good.
    2 Dry in closed environment, in accordance with GMP standard.
    3 The process of integrating the process of removing the moisture, removing the smell and filtering impurities, reducing the area of the equipment and the process flow.
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