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Fruit drying equipment_Fruit drying machine

Time:2015-11-12  Creator:Yi Du

    We often say that the fruit of the fruit is rich in sweet juice. Fruits with weight loss, maintenance of skin, etc.. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the fruit market sales have increased year by year.
    Fruit drying machine
    Fresh fruit moisture content is higher, is not conducive to storage, but also caused by microbial infection. Fruit drying is to increase the content of water to the requirements, improve the concentration of soluble substances in fruit, inhibit the activity of the enzyme. Drying dehydration is one of the very important environment in deep processing of fruit. Changzhou difficulty drying equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional design and production of drying machine enterprise, the market survey of fruit drying industry, that there exist some simple equipment, processing one behind the other problems in China's fruit drying. I use the latest technology to learn from the domestic and foreign, to the latest drying technology of fruit.
    Fruit drying machine
    1 Vacuum freeze dryer: the process is the method of cooling the fruit and then the dehydration. The dried product has a porous structure, color, flavor and nutritional components have been the greatest degree of retention. The method is currently the most popular food drying process.Above about 《Vacuum drying technology for different fruits》,We are involved in the drying method. To cool the fruit to the eutectic point, the water becomes solid. And the water from the solid to the water vapor by the low temperature heating.
    2 Low temperature vacuum frying drying: the main processing technology for fruit chips. The fruit in a vacuum environment for high temperature frying, even to take off the large amount of water, and then through the pumping unit will oil discharge. The fruit oil content of the process is less than 25% (and as the common is 45%). The oil is not easy to be modified and can be used repeatedly. (room temperature requires the addition of antioxidants to prevent oil deterioration) the process has low equipment investment, stable product quality characteristics of fruit stem, at present fruit chips is mainly using low temperature vacuum frying process.
    3 Carbon dioxide drying: a new type of hot air drying technology with carbon dioxide instead of air as drying medium. Mainly to the hot air drying equipment for structural transformation, the addition of carbon dioxide recycling pipeline as well as condensing device, heating device, etc.. For the current hot air drying equipment of fruit drying enterprises, the use of the process is the most reliable.
    4 Solar fruit drying equipment: in Xinjiang and other places have very adequate sun, such as the energy and fruit drying combined, will greatly reduce production costs. We recommend the use of solar drying equipment. The diagram is as follows:
Fruit solar drying machine
    Above about fruit solar drying machine.Among 1-Chassis;2-Circulating air blower;3-Solar collector (side);4-Fruit drying room;5-Solar collector (top);6-Warehouse door;7-Wind pipe;8-Pan and bake the car;9-Inlet duct。
    The device is provided with an electric heating system, which can be produced when the weather is wet.
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