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Lithium hydroxide dryers_Lithium hydroxide monohydrate disc drying machine

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Lithium hydroxide drying machine
Lithium hydroxide is also known as the water lithium compounds, mainly used for oil, ceramics and metallurgy industry. It is a performance excellent expansion agent and lubricant. The common is lithium hydroxide monohydrate. In the process of producing lithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide drying needs to be treated. The earliest used lithium hydroxide drying equipment for air dryer. Upstream lithium hydroxide material will exist about 3% of the free water, and the use of lithium hydroxide airflow drying equipment for processing, the situation of uneven drying. Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty through in-depth study on the drying characteristics of lithium hydroxide, has adopted many kinds of drying equipments for hydrogen hydroxide drying simulation test.
Lithium hydroxide microve drying equipment
Microwave drying equipment is a new type of drying process, the use of microwave drying material.Our company design and manufacture of microwave drying machine can be used atRefractory drying machine耐火材料Strontium carbonate drying machine碳酸锶White tungsten concentrate dryers and get best effect.Company by comparative test, using lithium hydroxide microwave drying simulation test, through the detection of lithium hydroxide after drying, found by microwave drying equipment drying of LiOH is feasible. Compared with the conventional drying process, lithium hydroxide microwave drying equipment with drying time is short, low energy consumption, simple operation and other advantages. In order to meet the requirements of production, in the lithium hydroxide microwave dryer additional pumping device and a stirring device, so as to improve the rate of evaporation of water evaporation. Specific contact with my company.
Lithium hydroxide monohydrate disc drying machine
The disc drying equipment belongs to the type of conduction type drier, which has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption and small area. I chose the disc drying equipment in drying process of lithium hydroxide,mainly discussed by Ammonium nitrate dryers硝酸铵Nickel cobalt lithium manganate drying machineCyanide acid dryers氰尿酸 will be got best effect.
In the monohydrate lithium hydroxide drying process, the tray drying equipment of the main components are: rake arm, harrow teeth, a main shaft, a transmission device, size of two specifications of dry tray. Moisture content of about 8% of lithium hydroxide monohydrate from the feed inlet into disc drying equipment, in the distributing device under the action of uniform fell on the first layer of the drying plate. Back and forth of the rake leaves the material along the spiral path from the center of the disc along the movement, and eventually fall into the bottom of the big dry. Lithium hydroxide monohydrate in large drying plate motion direction is from the outer edge to the center of the disc movement. Finally, from the center of large drying disk material fall into the hole in the lower small desiccative disc. The dry plate is arranged in the size, and the process is fully described. Drying medium monohydrate lithiumhydroxide disc drying equipment can choose steam or hot water. Using lithium hydroxide monohydrate tray drying device, a material drying to below 0.2% of dry goods, thermal efficiency of up to 65%.Monohydrate lithiumhydroxide disc drying equipment exhaust velocity below 0.1m/s, the dust concentration is less than 80mg/m ³Comply with environmental requirements。
Lithium hydroxide sever layer fluidized bed drying machine
The fluidized bed drying equipment is one of the main products of our company,aboutPowder phospholipid dryersWhite granulated sugar drying machineCitric acid dryers will be used in the industry of many.In the process of lithium hydroxide drying, the vibration fluidized bed drying equipment is through the transformation of the structure, called for multi layer circular vibration fluidized bed dryer. The lithium hydroxide dry miscellaneous equipment using multilayer sieve, which overcomes the problem in traditional fluidized bed drying dead, also increased the number of contacts of the hot wind and materials, is conducive to the improvement of lithium hydroxide drying thermal efficiency of. The device structure is shown below:
Lithium hydroxide microve drying equipment
Above about Lithium hydroxide microve drying equipment,Among 1-Air filtration;2-Air conditioning;3-Air blower;4-Flowmeter;5-Heat exchanger;6-Pressure gauge;7-Thermometer;8-Soft ground;9-Spring pad;10-Vibration motor;11-Fluidized bed drying machine;12-Off air blower;13-Feeding equipment;14-Feed port;15-Powder discharging port;16-Grain discharging port;17-Tail gas pipeline;
Our company adopts multi layer circular vibration fluidized bed dryer of lithium hydroxide drying simulation test, due to space constraints, the related parameters can contact our company free access.Tel:13809072359.We professional design and manufacture of lithium hydroxide drying equipment!

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