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Feed-grade Zinc sulphate drying equipment_Zinc sulfate monohydrate drying machine

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    Apply of zinc sulfate monohydrate
    Its molecular formula is ZnSO₄·H₂O,Under normal temperature for white liquid powder. A water - magnesium sulfate is used in feed additives, and it is one of the essential additives in mixed feed. In the process of preparation of zinc sulphate monohydrate, mainly will sulfuric acid and zinc oxide to reflect, after drying, concentration, screening obtained. At present, it is mainly used for drying, the dry goods need to be broken and screened. Makes the whole production process, equipment investment is also increased. We performed several tests on the use of a spray dryer monohydrate, put forward new ideas for the drying of zinc sulfate monohydrate.
    Feed-grade Zinc sulphate drying equipment
    The structure as the following shown:
Zinc sulfate monohydrate spray dryers
Feed-grade Zinc sulphate drying equipment
,Zinc sulfate monohydrate spray dryers
,Zinc sulfate monohydrate spray dryers
Zinc sulfate monohydrate spray dryers series
    The picture about Zinc sulfate monohydrate spray dryers series.Among 1-Feed port;2-Material liquid filter;3-Feed pump;4-Atomizer;5-Ai-heating device;6-Air blower;7-Hot air distributor;8-Host town;9-Cyclone separator;10-Induced draft fan;11-Air filter。
    The zinc sulfate solution through the filter, by feeding pump into the atomizer atomized into droplets. Heat exchange between hot air and small drops of water. Fan will be the zinc sulfate powder and wet air into the cyclone, the powder from the bottom of the collection, exhaust gas. In the experimental spray dryer, the drying of the zinc sulfate solution was not used in the bag filter. In the actual production, the visual details can be changed into a two stage cyclone or a new bag filter.
    Zinc sulphate drying equipment
    1 Selection of zinc sulphate atomize:As《Type of spray drying atomizer喷雾干燥雾化器种类》,Combined with the feed grade zinc sulfate monohydrate product requirements, selection of centrifugal atomizer. The compressed air flow rate of 4.1kg/c square meters, disc speed is 32kr/min.
    2 Drying temp:After many experiments, we found that when the concentration of zinc sulfate solution reached 250g/L, or the inlet temperature was higher than 280℃, the sticky wall phenomenon was found. And the wall phenomenon will become more and more serious with the increase of temperature. The optimal inlet temperature is about 240℃, and the temperature of the air is about 100℃, and the temperature of the zinc sulfate is about 45℃.(See《Temperature formula for dry process》)
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