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Selection of basic magnesium carbonate drying machine

Time:2015-11-12  Creator:Yi Du

    Summary of basic magnesium carbonate
    Also called basic magnesium carbonate magnesium carbonate. In rubber product manufacturing seat fillers and reinforcing agent; with insulation, high temperature resistant properties, so as the raw material of fireproof material, more is used as a desiccant.
    Manufacturing method: the manufacturing method of magnesium carbonate magnesium carbonate is mainly dolomite carbonation. Taking dolomite as raw material, and then mixed with the crushed coal to carry on the calcination at the temperature of 1000℃. After calcination, the water was added into the limestone. Slurry filter, carbonization, steam pyrolysis, finally drying, crushing, weighing and packing.
    The use of drying equipment in the production of magnesium carbonate material, then choose which type of dryer?We recommend to use Band drying equipment to dry material!
    Basic magnesium carbonate drying equipment
    asic magnesium carbonate special belt dryer working principle: tile material evenly on the conveyor belt, uniform in the internal movement of the drying equipment. Filtered air is heated by a heater, which is passed through the conveyor belt from the bottom to the top. Hot air away moisture, dry material.
    Basic magnesium carbonate drying equipment's advantages:
    1 The material is kept in good shape, not easy to damage.
    2 The mud like magnesium carbonate material is spread evenly on the conveyor belt, the dry area is increased, the drying time is shortened.
    3 Uniform drying. The whole belt type drier is divided into several independent units, forming the hot air independent loop circuit, and the temperature can be controlled.
    4 Simple operation, stable operation of the equipment.
    We independently designed the belt dryer with a single layer and multi layer different models. In the drying of basic magnesium carbonate material, according to the production requirements can choose multi belt drying equipment. If you have questions about the drying equipment selection of the material,browse 《Selection of drying equipment》,or contact us.Tel:13809072359
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