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Mung bean flour drying equipment_Mung bean flour spray drying machine

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Effect and apply of mung bean powder
Mung bean itself has Qingrejiedu role, many people are standing in summer beans. Especially in the environment of high temperature work friends are with mung bean flour soup as a beverage can replenish the lost nutrients and to heat Jieshu role. In addition to the role of mung bean detoxification beauty, many female friends will be beauty of mung bean powder as raw material, homemade facial mask.
Mung bean flour drying equipment
Technological process of preparing mung bean flour by modern industry:Screening→Immersion→Cooking→Ground→Enzymatic hydrolysis→Added ingredients→Filtration sterilization→Dry→Weighing and packing
With Instant tea powder by spray drying and Pea powder drying machine is similar,In the production process of mung bean powder, the main drying equipment is mainly used as the main drying equipment. Spray dryer is one of the main products of our main products, for the better fluidity of slurry material have better drying effect.At present spray drying machine can be used as High efficiency water reducing agent drying machineSodium dihydrogen phosphate dryersDegrease capsule dryers去脂胶囊Sodium hyaluronate dyersSilica drying machine白炭黑 and so on.
Mung bean flour spray drying machine
Mung bean powder drying spray drying equipment working principle is used as atomizer atomization of mung bean paste into a small liquid drop, drying medium and small liquid drop heat and mass transfer. The moisture content in mung bean paste is rapidly evaporated, and the dry is a good solution to the powder.See Working principle of centrifugal spray dryer and learn more about spray drying machine.
Drying characteristics of mung bean flour with Black Tea instant drying equipment is same,Need to add some additives. We carried out several dry tests, including the action time of the enzyme in the environment at 70 ℃ about 48 minutes, the amount of investment can be controlled at around 0.05%. And sugar can be added 8%, acid added about 0.2%. Mung bean solid beverage thickening agent can choose and CMC-Na, respectively, the amount of 0.125% and 0.23% respectively, the best ratio of emulsifier is 0.6%, Twain -60 put into 4%.

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