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Magnesium hydroxide drying machine_Magnesium hydroxide drying equipment_Magnesium hydroxide dryers

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    Magnesium hydroxide drying equipment
    It is used as a flame retardant magnesium hydroxide and pharmaceutical,above about 《Magnesium hydroxide dryers》 and 《Magnesium hydroxide nanorods dryers》,The characteristics of our nano magnesium hydroxide dry to share. And nano magnesium hydroxide drying properties and magnesium hydroxide compared more unique, drying difficulty is higher (mainly in the exhaust collecting section). And magnesium hydroxide drying process is relatively simple, the common one step method by using magnesium salt is flash dryer. Recommend the use of flash dryer dryer of magnesium hydroxide.
    Magnesium hydroxide dryers
    In the process of production of Mg (OH) 2 into magnesium hydroxide drying section for more moisture content of the slurry material (usually with a plate and frame filter press cake like Mg (OH) 2), and then by magnesium hydroxide dryer into the feeding device into magnesium hydroxide drying host of drying, crushing and other steps.
    Magnesium hydroxide dryers
    For magnesium hydroxide drying equipment is in on the basis of spin flash dryer further design, the equipment belongs to fluidized bed drying and air drying combination and in a drying device to achieve (one step). The host of the magnesium hydroxide drying equipment is composed of a hopper, a stirrer, a conveyer, a drying chamber, stirrer and gas separator and other. Wet material magnesium hydroxide filter cake from the hopper, the stirrer and is carried to the conveyor, the conveyor to magnesium hydroxide push to the drying chamber. In the lower part of the drying chamber is installed under the stirrer of magnesium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide for promoting logistics of crushing. Preheat air into the drying chamber through a gas distributor of magnesium hydroxide. Hot air rotation upward mobility, in stirrer under the joint action of magnesium hydroxide is dispersion fluidization and drying, to become granular or powdered magnesium hydroxide products, through the screening of the classifier and particle size appropriate, wet a qualified material from the outlet of the magnesium hydroxide drying chamber by air to carry gas solid separator, the network makes the products. The moisture escapes from the magnesium hydroxide by the exhaust gas discharged into the atmosphere to carry.
    Magnesium hydroxide dryers
    The advantages of flash drying machien to dry Magnesium hydroxide as the following shown:
    1.Magnesium hydroxide dryer uses the multiple feeding device design patterns, according to the actual production situation of flexible replacement and ensure the stable and continuous feeding, and the problem of the bridging phenomenon generated in the middle of the feeding process.
    2.Magnesium hydroxide drying equipment is provided with a special air pressure sealing device and the bearing cooling device, which can effectively extend the service life of the transmission part.
    3.Set of magnesium hydroxide drying equipment and a special air distribution device, can reduce the equipment's resistance, but also can effectively provide the air input of magnesium hydroxide drying equipment.
    4.It also can effectively increase the proportion of material.
    5.Magnesium hydroxide drier interior circumferential gas velocity is very high, and the residence time of magnesium hydroxide is very short, so that you can achieve the efficient, rapid, small equipment and production of efficacy.
    6.As a result of magnesium hydroxide by centrifugal force, shear, collision, friction is the particle is highly fragmented and solid gas relative velocity of the two phases is big, it strengthens the heat and mass transfer, the magnesium hydroxide dryer production intensity high.
    7.Dry gas into magnesium hydroxide at the bottom of dryer, produce a strong rotational flow, of wall material produced strong erosion effect, eliminate the phenomenon of adhering wall.
    8.In the area of high temperature magnesium hydroxide at the bottom of dryer, the material is not with the hot surface direct contact, and equipped with special devices, to solve the problem of coking discoloration of heat sensitive materials (the device can also be used for drying other materials, realized the reuse of equipment, reduces the equipment investment cost!).
    9.Magnesium hydroxide upper part of the drying chamber is added Tao Xihuan and swirl plate can control the size and temperature of the material outlet, in order to achieve different materials final water content, size requirements (according to the special size requirements of customized).
    The equipment's picture of Magnesium hydroxide drying equipment
Magnesium hydroxide drying machine

Magnesium hydroxide drying equipment

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