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Polyvinyl chloride milk drying machine

Time:2015-11-12  Creator:Yi Du

    Polyvinyl chloride milk is the common one material in our live,it will be the raw material in the pump industry.its code(E-PVC),and it can be dried by spray drying machine.Spray drying machine is mainly production in our company,our company has a lot of innovation in the design of the spray drying equipment, the scope of widening spray dryer. If there is a need for spray drying, welcome to contact us, our company is equipped with experimental spray dryer.Tel:13809072359
    In dealing with the polyvinyl chloride emulsion, first with water formation paddle fluid, and is composed of an atomizer atomizing, finally become dry powder. Use a spray dryer polyvinyl chloride emulsion is rapid evaporation at the same time to ensure that the droplet temperature is low, quality of materials will not affect much, in the design of the spray drying equipment, exhaust gas utilization, a large part of the energy savings.
    It is feasible to use spray dryer to deal with polyvinyl chloride emulsion, and the need to meet the requirements of high yield with the fluidized bed drying equipment. The fluidized bed dryer as a thick - level drying equipment. After spray drying, the material was granular material, but its moisture content is higher, the temperature is lower. The material is sent to the fluidized bed dryer for drying. Objective is to improve the thermal efficiency, the product fast drying to meet the requirements of wet content.
    get spray drying machine and fluidized bed drying machine,it is good for our development about (As Dye drying machine's develop染料干燥设备的发展 ,we talked about the series drying machine).The whole energy consumption is reduced by 20%.
    Continuous innovation, can continue to develop. Our company specializes in drying technology for many years, has a wealth of experience, with a large number of experimental data. There are many successful cases for the drying of special materials. Welcome to communicate with you!

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