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Black tea drying machine:Factor of fluidized bed drying machine

Time:2015-11-12  Creator:Yi Du

    Efficacy and function of black tea:
    China is the hometown of black tea. The late Tan brewing mainly in red, so named Black Tea. Black tea on human health is very good role in promoting, such as can promote the brain excited, thinking more concentrated; black tea contains polyphenols and other components can be refreshing cool, promote human body discharge of hazardous substances (diuresis); have a certain anti-inflammatory role, can absorb heavy metals and biological alkali; anti-aging has good effect; promote strong bones to protect the stomach. In addition in recent years of medical research, the experts found that black tea can also be effective anticancer, also confirmed the rumors of tea anti-cancer, don't take many days that can bring the gospel to the human fight against cancer.
    Drying method of black tea
    The process of black tea is mainly: wilt, rolled (cut), fermentation, drying, etc. typical process, the drying section is very important part of the process. According to statistics, the domestic tea in recent years, the international trade volume has declined. The cause of this problem lies in the fact that the processing technology of black tea is too many, and can not meet the requirement of production in the dry section, and the dry quality can not be guaranteed.
    At present, the drying equipment of black tea is a belt dryer. Black tea producers use double or three - Story - belt dryers to meet production requirements. Because of the drying limitation of the belt dryer, the output and quality are limited, and the new drying process is extremely urgent.Our company recommend:Fluidized bed drying machine
    The structure of the fluidized bed dryer is simple, the drying effect is good, the drying period is shorter, so we can see the hope of black tea drying. So, the fluidized bed dryer can meet the process requirements.So,our company with experiments were carried out to demonstrate.Drying experiments were carried out using 2 groups of different particle sizes of black tea.
    Black tea fluidized bed drying machine
    Our company has made a scientific comparison of black tea, and it is found that the idea of using a fluidized bed dryer to deal with black tea is feasible. The whole drying process requires a special set of parameters for drying equipment.If you want to know more about,you can browse:Detailed data of fluidize bed drying machine or check Demonstration of fluidized bed dryers
    After testing compare,we get the result as the following.
    1 Continuously improve the drying equipment into the wind temperature, small particles of tea out of the wind temperature relative humidity will rise, the material to reach the saturated evaporation; the black tea water evaporation of the large particle group, the relative humidity in the air temperature.
    2 During the drying process of black tea, the numerical value of the wind temperature can be found obviously in 2 stages: the constant section and the rise section. In comparison with the process requirements, we found that the small particles can have good drying quality when the drying temperature is 80 to 130℃, and the temperature of the large particle group can not be higher than 110℃. In the process of shortening the drying period, the method of increasing the temperature and decreasing the temperature is used.
    3 For small particles of black tea, increasing the drying temperature can increase the particle size of the product, and the size of the large granular material can not affect the final product.
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