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Cupric hydroxide drying equipment_Nanometer copper hydroxide drying machine

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Its femular is Cu(OH)2,it is a very broad role of catalyst, due to the color of copper hydroxide for blue, so the material in printing and dyeing industry has also been used to mordant, colorants and rayon pigment.
Species gradually increased with the increasing domestic market demand, the rapid growth in demand for nano grade copper hydroxide. Because of the smaller size, the physical and chemical properties of the nano materials have changed, and the properties of the materials have been increased.
Cupric hydroxide drying equipment
Traditional copper hydroxide preparation method is by copper sulfate reacts with ammonia, adding alkali hydroxide solution is obtained, then the sodium hydroxide solution is obtained after filtering, drying and screening processes. This is one of the most important processes of drying and dewatering of cupric hydroxide. In the production of nano copper hydroxide, drying process is also essential.Our company is the old and famous design drying machine company,had many testing carried out about Nanometer material dryers,our drying laboratory on the current market common nano materials simulation test,among of Nanometer copper hydroxide drying machineNanometer zinc oxide dryersNanometer aluminium silicate dryersNanometer calcium carbonate drying machine纳米碳酸钙 got best effect.
Cupric hydroxide drying equipment
Cupric hydroxide drying machine
Nanometer copper hydroxide drying machine
Our company room for the domestic drying industry drying technology for the summary, found that current domestic nanometer cupric hydroxide is still in the drying process, equipment is not suitable for nano products.Mainly situation:The high energy consumption of equipment, the leakage of the tail gas is very serious, the product is dry and so on. I company of nanometer cupric hydroxide drying characteristics were studied and combined with the newest new drying technology, decided to adopt the freeze drying technique to dry nanometer cupric hydroxide powder. Freeze drying equipment is also known as freeze drying machine, which can be directly dried into powder, and the powder size is uniform. At present, the design and manufacture of the drying equipment manufacturers are not many.Our companies' designed Bone meal freeze drying machine cost about two years,get best drying effect!
Use of freeze drying equipment in the production line, freeze drying section is mainly used for solution drying. After the drying test of our company, we found the following characteristics of drying:
1 Can be used to spray the liquid nitrogen rapid freezing method, uniform, granular amorphous hydroxide nano powder.
2 Before the drying process of solution added alkali amount, stirring, washing process will influence nanometer cupric hydroxide powder dry goods of quality.
3 The nanometer cupric hydroxide freeze dry process can be done in a vacuum environment, can effectively improve the drying efficiency and to copper ammonia solution smooth evaporation of water and ammonia, ultimately meet the technological requirements of pure copper hydroxide nano powder.

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