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Desulfurization gypsum dryers_Desulfurization gypsum drying machine

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    Apply of Desulfurization gypsum
    With China's consumption continues to increase, the sulfur of flue gas emissions generated by the power plant is also increasing. Desulfurization gypsum is a by-product of flue gas desulfurization and purification, and the composition of natural gypsum is similar, and the purity and fineness more than natural gypsum. At present, the use of desulfurization gypsum is more extensive, mainly in the construction industry. Gypsum board, cement curing agent, as raw material, is made of desulfurization gypsum.
    Desulfurization gypsum drying machine
    Handle with Desulfurization gypsum correctly,it can reduce the cost of power plant and rational utilization of resources.Due to high initial moisture content,And has a certain viscosity. In the process of drying desulfurization gypsum, it will cause the agglomeration, the sticky wall, the material of the material. We have carried on the thorough research to the desulfurization gypsum this material drying, proposed uses the air stream dryer to process the desulphurization gypsum material, obtained the plaster powder. At present, the feedback is, the desulfurization gypsum drying machine using normal production, product quality, meet the requirements of the factory.You can browse 《Desulfurization gypsum drying technology》,about the structure and working parameters of the desulphurization gypsum drying machine are described in detail.
    In this paper, the paper takes the disc dryer as the prototype, and can be used in the process of desulfurization gypsum. The gypsum powder, which is about 12% free water, is obtained by drying the paste with a paste, which is to be added to free water.
    Desulfurization gypsum drying machine
    The structure of disc dryer for desulfurization gypsum as the following shown:
Desulfurization gypsum drying equipment
Desulfurization gypsum drying machine
Desulfurization gypsum dryers
Structure digram of Desulfurization gypsum drying machine
    Above about structure digram of Desulfurization gypsum drying machine.Among 1-Feeding port;2-Exhaust port;3-Main shaft and rake leaves;4-Heating plate;5-Outer cylinder;6-Churn;7-Steam inlet;8-Condensate water outlet;9-variable-speed device.
    The material to be dried is entered into the drying section by the conveying device, and the self feeding inlet enters the drying machine. The material from the top down movement, steam blowing evaporation of the water in the material. After drying by the discharge port drying equipment, weighing packaging and other subsequent process After the wet air is filtered by the bag filter, the air is discharged into the atmosphere.
    The advantages of desulfurization gypsum drying machine
    It has the advantages of large heat transfer area and small area of the disc dryer used for desulfurization gypsum drying. Special design of waste heat recovery system can effectively reduce the energy consumption of equipment. The whole process of desulfurization gypsum drying can be achieved automatically, through the setting of the control cabinet to complete the change of the drying parameters of desulfurization gypsum.
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