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Alumina dryers_Advantages of aluminum oxide flash drying equipment

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    Apply of Hargil:
    It can be called as Corundum and aluminium oxide,it is difficult to dissolve in the water of a white solid.Chemical formula is Al₂O₃.Density:True density 3.97 g/cm³;Bulk density:0.85g/mL(325 mesh-0)0.9g/mL(120 mesh-325 mesh).Alumina production process mainly has 2 kinds: sintering method and Bayer process. Alumina is widely used, mainly used for refractory materials, such as ultra high temperature furnace lining materials; for circuit substrate electronic tube socket; plunger pump sealing ring.
    Traditional alumina drying technology
    Currently used in the drying equipment of aluminum oxide is the design and manufacture of the air dryer in the eighty's.. At home, the diameter of the main tower is 500mm, and the diameter of the main tower is increased with the increase of the production requirements of 1000mm. Even so, the maximum amount of dehydration is still only 800kg/h.
    Strengthen the main drawbacks of the air flow dryer:
    1 Low processing capacity. The maximum diameter of the device is 1000mm, and the maximum diameter of the air dryer is 800kg/h, which has a large gap with the requirements of the dry output.
    2 Poor drying effect and instability. Over dry conditions are more common. The main reason for the poor effect of scattered parts of the blade near the shaft, causing the material deposition in this area.
    3 Frequent crashes. Due to the smaller size of the particle, the negative pressure zone is formed in the rotating region above the shaft bearing cover to attract the powder material. After entering the bearing caused by card.
    The working principle of alumina dryers
    Alumina dryers:The high water content of filter cake is placed on the feeder hopper, enter the flash dryer inside the feeder under the action of. At the same time, the air after cleaning is heated into the internal flash dryer. The cake by setting the flash tower at the bottom of the blade is broken into small pieces of material. Upward movement under the action of hot air. In the course of the upward movement of the role of shear force, the volume of the material gradually becomes small, the water gradually evaporated. And complete drying of the material will be collecting cyclone separator and cloth bag dust remover; and larger particles the moisture content to meet the requirement, continue to in flash within the host is dried, crushed.可见《Animation of aluminum oxide flash drying equipment》.Process as the following shown.
Process of aluminum oxide flash drying equipment
    Above about ——Alumina dryers
    Advantages of aluminum oxide flash drying equipment
    We first compare from the two structures are intuitive, structure diagram of intensified airflow dryer and dryer are as follows
Schematic diagram of the flash dryer and strengthen flash drying air dryer
    Above about:Schematic diagram of the flash dryer and strengthen flash drying air dryer
    Advantages NO.1: Flash dryer large quantity, flash dryer model more, the capacity can be a greater range of options. According to their own production enterprises can choose the right type of drying equipment.
    Advantages NO.2:High thermal efficiency: flash drying technology has high thermal efficiency and high strength.
    Advantages NO.3:Compact structure, small area cover.
    Advantages NO.4:Special design of the mixing structure, to avoid the situation of the material adhesion; easy to clean and maintain.
    Advantages NO.5:Gas sealing, packing, the end cover is provided with a sealing device, effectively ensure the service life of the bearing.
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