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Eliminate mites agent drying machine_Eliminate mites agent dryers

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    Eliminate mites agent drier
    Eliminate mites agent(Pyridaben) is new type pesticide,Its characteristic is high efficiency, low toxicity, broad-spectrum, can effectively prevent planthoppers, leafhoppers, aphids, thrips, application range covers the apples, oranges, grapes, tea, tobacco, wheat, rice. At present, pyridaben mainly wettable powder and emulsion in two forms. In the production process of powder - like cleaning, the dry cleaning equipment will be used to dry and dry, and the net powder of the final cleaning is obtained.Kinds of pesticides drying machine is more,The characteristics of a variety of pesticides, including pulp, filter cake, liquid form, were covered,it is common with flash drying machine,it had been widely used:pesticides drying machine
    Eliminate mites agent drier
    Eliminate mites agent spin flash dryer, the bottom has a reverse cone drying cavity, is arranged in the middle of the vertical mixing device, the side of the dryer with cut to the air inlet and the top is provided with a grading device and the air outlet. Material into the drying equipment in the host, in the rotating hot air and under the action of the mixer, the first in the conical cavity formed the size of particles of mixed fluidized bed, large particles are constantly crushed, the loss of part of the water particles suspended in the air flow in the spiral, water and particle size of the product by the classifier, the flow of non qualified products will continue to be crushed dry, so repeated until all products are discharged.
    The character of eliminate mites agent drier
    1. The bottom of the drying chamber is inverted cone, which makes the flow area of the hot air gradually expanded, and the bottom gas velocity is high, which is conducive to the formation of uniform fluidization of the upper and lower size particles, while the conical structure can ensure the smooth operation of the mixer.
    2.Agitator gear side is provided with a scraping plate, can effectively guarantee was thrown on the wall material scraping back in the region to prevent overheating of the material.
    3.Due to the strong mixing of the agitator and the dual function of the high speed rotating air flow, the relative velocity difference is bigger, the enhancement of the heat transfer and the heat transfer coefficient is greatly improved.
    4.To inviscid and viscous filter cakes processing, can also handle a viscous paste material, and can be completed at one time drying and crushing operations, become uniform particle size of qualified products, in dealing with this kind of material, need not and spray drying so advance to beating treatments, to save energy consumption.
    5.The material in the dryer in the short residence time, is conducive to the drying of thermal sensitive material.
    6.The discharge outlet of the drying chamber is provided with a classifier, which can make the large particles and not dry good material return air flow, and ensure that the discharged material is the product of the water and particle size.
    7.The structure of the dryer is compact, and the area of the machine is small.
    The picture of Eliminate mites agent drier
Eliminate mites agent drier

Eliminate mites agent drying equipment

Eliminate mites agent drier
    Above about eliminate mites agent drier

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