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Corn cob drying machine_Corn cob slag drying equipment

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    Corn cob driers
    Corncob is byproduct in corn processing process, due to its hygroscopic and uniform structure, better wear resistance characteristics, in the industry has been widely used, can also be used as feed added. We have a lot of research on the drying and dehydration of the material of corn,and constantly sum up the relationship between Conditions of corn drying and drying equipment,A lot of research and experiment work on the deep processing of corn are also carried out,had research Corn starch drying machine and Corn gluten meal drying machine,at present, this series of drying equipment has been running for two years,have best drying effect( you can see《Potato starch residue drying machine》).
    Corncob residue dryers
    In the process of drying of corn cob residue, the need to pay attention to collecting dust leakage and explosion, etc.. About early water corn cob residue drying equipment is about 70%, the final water content is below 10% requirements. Corn cob residue drying system in drying medium air filter, the heat source can be by hot blast stove furnace choice SUS304L material), or heater and electric heating combined mode change. Corn cob residue drying equipment needs to be used with cyclone separator and cloth bag dust remover, which bag filter filter cloth for special material design. In addition, corn cob residue drying equipment material can choose material contact part of the stainless steel or the machine stainless steel design, in line with the GMP standard.
    Corncob residue drying equipment
    Below is our company design and manufacture for corn cob residue drying of corn cob residue drying equipment, such as you need to order the equipment, can contact with my company.Tel:13809072359
Corn cob drying machine
Corn cob slag drying equipment

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